Exploring a Poem: ”Presents From My Aunt in Pakistan” Essay Sample

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The difference between `denim and couroroy` the `cardigans from marks and spencer` and the clothes her aunt sent is the fact that they are all made for different purposes and cultures. The clothes from Pakistan are made for a purely decorative reason and are not hardwearing or at all suitable for an energetic teen living in England where as the `denim and courdoroy` are very hardwearing materials and are designed to last long even in a culture of activity and energy. The clothes from pakistan are definitly too delicate and fragile for a teenager in england to wear.

The girls memories of her journey to England seem very painfull as she describes it in a very negative way for example the word `screaming` this shows that moving away seemed painfull for her. But the word sailed seems very relaxed to me which makes me feel she may have found moving to England confusing not knowing wether it is a good or bad thing.

The girl in the poem cant actually remember what it was like in Pakistan as we know from the word `pictured` so all she has to try and remember are family photographs and newspaper articles so she will see 2 very different sides of what it was like in Pakistan. Family photos are always taken at a celebration or a happy event, so she will only veiw the good times her and her family had in pakistan leaving out all of the bad memories. However the newspapers show s

omething very different she describes what she see’s pakistan as in the newspaper `a fractured

land` this suggests that pakistan was broken and hurt by the civil war but it is also a symbol of how she is feeling. She veiws pakistan very nagatively from the newspapers saying it is `throbbing through` this sounds really sorrowfull giving her a horrible veiw of Pakistan which is a great contrast to the way she sees it in her family photos. She also sees what her aunts life is like in pakistan as very boring and dull she describes them as in `shaded rooms` and `screened` this also seems really negative and makes them seem hidden away from society.

The girl regrets ever leaving pakistan:

the girl might regret leaving pakistan as it has left her confused and split into two cultures we know this as it says she is of `no fixed nationality` and she also describes the journey to England as being a painfull memory as she is `screaming` this may mean she didnt want to move away from Pakistan.

The girl feels sad she has lost her Pakistani identity:

` i could never be as lovely as those clothes ` suggests that she wants to look like a beautifull Pakistani girl but she feels though she cant therefore she is sad she has lost her true proud pakistani culture.

The poem is a search for true identity:

I think the poem is about her true identity as it is focused on her and her culture and the split between the two the line that really sticks out to me that it is about her true identity is the phrase `i was there and of no fixed nationality`.

Words that make pakistan seem exotic, colourfull and mysterious include:

peacock blue, glistening, orange, embossed, gold, points curling, candy-striped, apple-green, silver bordered, satin silken, aflame, indian gold, radient, shaded , screened,

There are many differences between the two cultures of England and Pakistan. Pakistani culture seems very fragile and unactive aswell as beautiful and luxurious where as england seems so contrasting . The clothes are also the very opposite as english clothes are casual yet hardwearing whereas pakistani clothes are decorative and fragile for and english girl. An english teens lifestyle is very adventurous and fun where as a pakistani girls life would be very deprived with sociality. the girl from the poem is stuck between the two contrasting cultures she feels very confused.

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