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Describe the role of software for computers.
Identify the hardware associated with a computer.
Describe how computers store data.
Explain how programs work.
Differentiate among machine language, assembly language, and high-level languages. Differentiate between compilers and interpreters.
Identify the different types of software.

Assignment Requirements
Use the Internet and the ITT Tech Virtual Library to research the following questions: 1. Look up the history of SQL. How many revisions of the standard have there been? Year 1986 SQL-86, Year 1989 SQL-89, Year 1992 QSQL-92, Year 1999 SQL:1999, Year 2003 SQL:2003, Year 2006 SQL:2006, Year 2008 SQL:2008, Year 2011 SQL:2011. What was added in the most recent one?


2. A recent trend for major commercial database developers is to offer free “Express” versions of their databases. Microsoft has SQL Express, Oracle has Oracle Express, and DB2 has DB2 Express. Go to the company websites, and look up these Express editions. What features does Oracle Express have?

New features include: Application Builder for mobile, Mobile and responsive themes, HTML5 Item types, Mobile Calendars, Packaged Applications, RESTful Web services. What limits does Oracle Express have?

Limits: Poor Basic replication regarding integration, Oracle real application testing, Enterprise Manager, Automatic Storage Management, Java Support, Temporal Database,SQL Pattern matching, Flashback Data archive, Data Masking, Application Security, Secure Application roles, and Proxy Authentication. How do they compare to each other?

DB2 Express-C
*Cores: 2
*Memory: 16GB
*Size: 15 Terabytes of user data per Database
Oracle Express
*Cores: 1
*Memory: 1GB
*Size: 11GB
SQL Server Express
*Cores: 4
*Memory: 1GB
*Size: 10GB

Required Resources
ITT Tech Virtual Library: http://library.itt-tech.edu

Submission Requirements
Submit your written answers to your instructor at the beginning of Unit 2. Your answer to each question should be at least one paragraph long (three to five complete sentences), Times New Roman, 12-pt. font.

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