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To test explosive strength I performed a standing B. jump. For this I faced the wall and stretched both arms above my head with my hands side by side, so my fingertip level whilst standing could be marked. Then I licked my finger so a mark would be visible on the wall to see where I jumped. I then turned sideways to the wall and with both feet together jumped as high as possible to touch the wall with the fingertips of one outstretched hand. I also swung my arms to gain more momentum so I could jump to the highest of my ability. The distance I jumped was between the two marks on the wall and were measured with a ruler.


To test strength I performed a static hang. This involves me hanging on a horizontal pole for as long as I can while keeping my elbow in a 90 position. I held this position for as long as I could without resting my chin on the bar. The test ended when my elbow went out of the 90 degrees position. A partner was timing me when I did the test. This test also measures shoulder muscle endurance.


Sit-ups measure the strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles. The test was to see how many sit-ups you could do in a minute. So for this task I lay flat on my back on a mat with my hands clasped around my head. My legs slightly apart and my knees were together and at right angles. I then sat up touching elbows with knees and then returned to the starting position. My partner held my feet firmly on the ground to ensure my feet stayed in position.


This test measures suppleness in the back and hamstrings. I sat on the floor with legs fully extended and feet flexed. I then stretched forward with both hands in an even manner, keeping my legs straight. The measurement is the distance the fingertips reach beyond the toes. My partner measured my score using a measuring tape.


To measure stamina I also performed a bleep test or the progressive shuttle run test. I ran continuous shuttle runs between two lines drawn 20 meters apart. The pace is established by a tape recording that sounds a bleep at the end of each leg of the shuttle run. As the test progresses, the time between the bleeps gets shorter and a level is indicated. When three bleeps in a row are missed the fitness level of the subject has been established. This is also a maximal test.

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