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Characteristics of Expository Essays The essay examples are defined as expository essays because they explain, instruct, inform, and the introduction states the main topic of the essay, which provides the reader with background information. The essay samples are well-developed with logical, smooth transitions. The table setting essay gave step-by-step information and was organized by space order. From beginning to end, the table setting essay listed exceptional ways to dress-up a table for hosting an ideal entertaining occasion. The table setting essay listed ways in numerical order how to start with an empty table and end up with a fully furnished delightful table. The table setting essay could be easily described with the informative process (how to do or make something) as well as the time order process (chronological order). Both are acceptable ways to organize the table setting essay.

The Lucy Stone essay used a time order process because it outlined important events in her life from earliest, birth, and ended with the last event in her life, death. The essay was outlined like a biography which emphasized her life achievements. I think the Lucy Stone essay was clearly more difficult to define and used more than one type of organization. For example, topic order organization described details of Lucy’s life, the informative organization listed her life in a natural, descriptive way, and time order organization listed the events chronologically about her life. Both essays gave information and were developed with natural, logical explanations. They are different because the table setting essay described necessary objects for a table, which can be helpful, descriptive, and informative, but the Lucy Stone essay described personal lifetime achievements that can leave behind a living legacy.

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