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Pupils background and family.

Pupils will come from a vast range of family environments and cultures. Many families go through significant changes during a childs school years, which schools are not always aware of. This may include family break up (divorce, seperation), New partners, illness Or moving house. All may affect a childs emotional and intellectual development. And a change in behaviour and motivation to learn may occur.

Poverty and deprevation.
Poverty and deprevation are likely to have a significant effect on pupil development. Statistics show that children who come from deprived backgrounds are less likely to thrive and achieve well in school, as parents or carers will find it more difficult to manage their children’s needs, which will impact on all areas of their development.

Personal choices
The personal choices of children weill affect their development as they grow older, as they decide on friendship groups, extra-curricular acivities, acedemic involvement and so on. They may need advice and support from adults to enable them to make choices which are right for them.

Looked after/care status
If a child is looked after or in care, this may affect their development in different ways. However, they may be monitored closely and there will be regular meetings with the school to ensure that they are making the expected levels of progress.

In some cases, children may come to school without any previous education.

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