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ExtremeNet Case Essay Sample

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ExtremeNet Case Essay Sample

Should Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet? Support your answer using ethical theory.

No, Allen Lopez needs to be immediately terminated, while the website he created was not named ExtremeNet, anyone can tell it was a direct reflection of ExtremeNet. The company should terminate him and file a cease and desist order to force him to change or shut down the website.

Should ExtremeNet attempt a lawsuit to force the removal of this website? Support your answer using ethical theory.

Yes, the average person in the industry will know the website is about them. From current employees to the competition, it will, if not has been public knowledge to all of these.

How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best respect the rights of Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet? ? Explain the impact of your ethical decision on Allen Lopez and the company.

ExtremeNet can respect Allen Lopez’s rights by asking him to resign rather than terminate him, while he did embarrass the company they can help to not embarrass him and resign. This would also leave ExtremeNet to not have to give him any severance packages or allow him to file for unemployment.

How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best repair the relationship between management and employees while meeting the needs and goals of the company? Demonstrate an understanding of the issues and how to best unify the company to move forward.

ExtremeNet can mend its relationships with its employees by addressing this issue, rather than avoiding it. They can have management talk to employees and discuss resolutions with them, and then embrace the employee’s ideas. Most employees respect the needs and goals of a company and want to attain them as well. This will help the company to unify and move forward with the same goals in mind.

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