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Extrinsic Motivating Factors on How Fourth Year Students Choose Their Career Essay Sample

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Extrinsic Motivating Factors on How Fourth Year Students Choose Their Career Essay Sample

One of the most critical decisions in a student’s life especially in a Fourth Year High School Student is choosing a career that will fit his potentials, skills, and proficiencies. A chosen career must be complementing with the potentials, skills, and proficiencies of a student, thus making a certain career hard to be decided for there are also factors that can influence a student’s assumption on what he’ll take up. These students decide by weighing the variables together and then concluding the most applicable or practical one. Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

It has Intrinsic and Extrinsic factors but we’ll focus in the Extrinsic Motivation for it is the specific ground of our research study. Extrinsic Motivation is defined as the individual’s motivational stimuli that come from outside source. We can say that an Extrinsic Motivation is either beneficial or destructive depending on how it is related to an individual. These factors of motivation will influence an individual to decide on what he’ll choose. Knowing the extrinsic motivation makes us conclude on why an individual thinks and decides a certain career and also how he relate these extrinsic motivation to other variables in concluding his decision. Choosing a career is very important thus, one must be peculiar and meticulous in deciding it because the career that you will be choosing will predict your future and how you will deal on challenges. Being wise enough to arrive in a certain conclusion or decision is essential in order to have a promising and well-paid future.


The aim of this Research Study with the gathering of quantitative data is to generalize a result that will answer the following questions: General Objective:
What are the factors that are present in choosing a career in Fourth Year High School Students? Specific Objective:
What is the relationship of extrinsic motivating factors with the other factors present in choosing a career in Fourth Year High School Students?

The significance of this study is to assess a solid foundation of facts about the Extrinsic Motivating Factors and its effect to decision making specifically in choosing the future career of Fourth Year High School Students. By these data we will be able to conclude reasons why an individual chooses this one among the others with a basis or foundation, making a generalization that is factual. We can also give assumptions and recommendations to improve the way of thinking of how individuals recognize or analyze these factors or data in arriving a conclusion or decision because as we say decision making is a critical and an essential thing that’s why the factors that influences it must be analyzed well and wisely therefore this study is significant.


This study’s subjects are the Fourth Year High School Students of National University as the respondents. The concept will revolve around the identification of the motivating factors specifically the extrinsic motivating factors and also the factors that are related in concluding the career of the subjects. Specific aspects of phenomenon or the research study are the conduction of the survey in the respondents, evaluation of data gathered and the conceptualization of the facts. Ten (10) Fourth Year High School students will be randomly chosen in each section of the University as the Sampling Population. This study is as much as possible limited to the extrinsic motivating factors due to the fact that a study must be specific as possible but it will also feature some of the other factors in order to clarify the relationship and to effectively explain the phenomenon necessarily. DEFINITION OF TERMS

Extrinsic – Not part of the essential nature of someone or something; coming or operating from the outside. Ho – Null Hypothesis
HI – Alternative Hypothesis Sampling Population– is the population from which a sample will actually be taken.

In this chapter we will be discussing the context on how a student chooses his preferred career. Starting from its root to its fruit, on how one chooses to become from his past experiences. We will be discussing about the certain motivating factors that will influence one’s choice particularly in the choice of future career. We can gain facts about how one decides so that we can give a factual conclusion and generalize a certain idea that we can use to help the society especially the students who’ll mold their future as our nation’s pride. Determining and discussing these factors and correlating each other to understand the context behind a syllogistic conclusion of a decision. MOTIVATING FACTORS

Community is defined in Oxford Dictionary as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. So how can a community be one of the factors in determining one’s fruit? Community to begin with is where we all share our culture, beliefs, and aspirations. It is a place where we first dreamed of being something or someone in the future. People inside a community socialize in order to coexist. We all need each other, as the saying says “No man is an island” by John Donne. This community includes the Family and the members of the community that you interact with. Without interaction the humans will never exist. From the Paleolithic up to the present, socializing is the main ingredient in the society’s development. That’s why interaction with the people in the vicinity of the community is one of the factors because this is where we acquire our basic knowledge, this is where you fill in your personality as a human being interacting and socializing with people of different virtues, principles, professions, experiences, and point of views.

Social Class
Almost every aspect in the society has the influence of Social Class or the Social Rank. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the places we hang out, and the society we live in. It is not new that this is one of the factors that influence one’s decision in choosing a course. So how this does influences one’s decision? Quoted from the book “The Psychology of Social Class” by Michael Argyle it was said their “Education is one of the main routes to upward mobility. Those with better education are likely to end up in better jobs.” Education is one of the keys to success, but how can you attain it with a wrecked social standing? Some chooses to stop rather than to pursue their preferred course because of the mentality that those who have the wealth can conquer what they want to pursue. Sadly, social rank may hinder or develop one’s desire. Fortunately, there are Foundations or Non-Governmental Organizations that offer Scholarships to deserving scholars but most of this scholarships offer a limited range of courses that may not be in the will of a the scholar that’s why in some cases they are forced to take up something they did not wish for because that’s the only possible career he can pursue. Social class is a very powerful factor for it has influences in every ground. Personality

“Personality affects academic and job performance, social and political attitudes, the quality and stability of social relationships, physical health and mortality, and risk for mental disorder,” said by Colin DeYoung from the University of Minnesota. We all think but we conclude things in a different manner. This is what makes us human different from each other, influenced by our own distinct personality. Knowing our own personality will give us awareness on how we deal on things especially in the field of decision-making, with knowledge about one’s personality one can conclude a career plan wisely enough to know how it will benefit or worsen one’s situation. Having an emotional intelligence on things will help you control your own personality.

One example of this factor is when one is a risk taker and the other is not. A risk taker grabs opportunities that comes on his way and has positive outlook that something good will happen while a person that is not a risk taker may be just contented on what he usually do and accepts it with the fear that if he risk something he may fail and suffer. Having a complicated personality may lead you to danger. That’s why one must be wise enough to think on things. Do not let your personality control you by being impulsive, rather one must control his personality so that it can lead him to the success that he assumes. We must know the timing and flow of things by knowing the distinction between an opportunity and a danger. A professor named Steven Reiss have devised a 16 basic desires theory which motivates actions and define one’s personalities: * Acceptance- the need for approval

* Curiosity- the need to learn
* Eating- the need for food
* Family- the need to raise children
* Honor- the need to be loyal to the traditional values of one’s clan/ethnic group
* Idealism- the need for social justice
* Independence- the need for individuality
* Order- the need for organized, stable, predictable environments

* Physical activity- the need for exercise
* Power- the need for influence of will
* Romance- the need for sex and for beauty
* Saving- the need to collect
* Social contact- the need for friends (peer relationships)
* Social status- the need for social standing/importance
* Tranquility- the need to be safe
* Vengeance- the need to strike back and to compete

As the saying says “Opportunity is as scarce as oxygen; men fairly breathe it and do not know it” quoted from Doc Sane. Grabbing an opportunity in the right time, in the right place with a right reason is a very rare experience. Having the ambition, talent, and skill for a particular career but without an opportunity to showcase or to put it in action is worthless. Opportunity to do something that will lead you to choosing a career that you’ll live with the rest of your life. We can coin the term opportunity as a gold ticket to the start of your journey. Literally speaking opportunities are everywhere but these are hindered by wrong choices, wrong decisions and wrong assumptions and also things that cannot be avoided or are inevitable that’s why with the lacking of this so called “opportunity“ will lead you to a path that you should not be taking up or heading to.

That’s the worst scenario on deciding on things without opportunities to begin with. You are forced to choose things that are most of the time against your will. Lacking of opportunities means failure to one’s desire, that’s why having the opportunity is one of the important factors in determining a career in the future. All in all, understanding the roots on how the fruit was obtained is a very important thing in determining a certain career. Basing from the content of this chapter every aspect of decision making is very critical. It is very syllogistic that one small change or difference can arrive with a different conclusion. With the discussion of these factors we learned that from the community, interaction is the main subject. Interaction with the other members of the society molds our personality together with the influence of our social standing, we molded the person who we are today that was made possible by the decisions that we made and opportunities that we rejected and accepted in our past encounters and how we deal on it with the principles and beliefs that we possess as we go on.

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