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Facebook is a social network that was created to keep friends in touch. Sometimes things are used in ways that they were not meant for. Such as Facebook, people use it for connections but they also use it for gossiping and cyber bullying.

The good thing about Facebook is that no matter where you are in the world you can know whats going on with your friends and family somewhere else. When I use to live in Germany I would keep in touch with my friends from the United States. The chat on Facebook made it quick and easy to have a conversation, and then you could send pictures, they made it seem like you were not so far from everyone when you really were. There is a location feature on the statuses so when you post a new status your friends could see where you were when you posted it, also you can tag people that are with you to those statuses.

On the other hand Facebook can start a lot of arguments and fights between immature people. When someone may post a status that would be indirectly talking about someone else they can comment on it and just go back and forth with each other. Or one friend may say something about someone on another girls wall and it be about her friend so now the two friends are arguing and she is in the middle. I’ve seen someone make a page called “smash or pass” and they would post pictures of females and males and ask people would they date them or not. Well some people didn’t like that and didn’t want their picture up there so they felt that it was wrong for the person to use their picture without permission. That alone would start unneeded drama.

Cyber bullying is the newest problem with Facebook. Mean people making fun of other people. They even have groups of people who just gang up and talk about one person. Males and females are cyber bullied on Facebook and other social network sites. For example someone may fall in the café one day and someone else would go on Facebook and call them a crab and say mean things when it wasn’t a big deal to start with. The person who fell may feel like they are being attacked for no reason.

In conclusion, everything in life comes with a good side and a bad side. It just depends on the maturity level of the people using it. Facebook isn’t meant to hurt people its made to keep people together and in touch.

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