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Facebook Essays


Internet Abuse in the Workplace

Modern society is the internet age. The internet has been adopted in different industries including business and it has its drawbacks in business. It can cause internet abuse in the workplace. Internet abuse in the workplace is an unacceptable behavior

Children should look after their aged parents

Asian cultures strongly believe in filial piety, that is, love and respect for one’s parents. Social networking websites such as popular Facebook and Twitter cause issues with occupations and careers, relationships and marriages, education of our future leaders, and a

Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources

“Managing Talent: Can Yahoo Still Attract Tech Workers?” at the end of Chapter 5. Answer the questions at the end of the case in a 2-3 page paper “Managing Talent: Can Yahoo Still Attract Tech Workers?” at the end of

Movie Social Network Review

The movie “Social Network” tells about the story of Mark Zuckerberg, a computer programming genius and undergraduate student of Harvard University, and charts the creation of the phenomenally successful online social networking service “facebook”. DISCUSSION: On the fall night of

Syllabus and study guide

1. Submit team document in Microsoft Word. Submit your writing as a narrative, a list of tips or a combination. The length of paper will vary depending on number of team members and format chosen by team. 2. Include sources


In this fast paced growing of technology and the intense level of people around the globe are using the internet, the social network has become an important part of everyone’s life. Since then, the movement of social network such as:

Has technology ruined our ability to communicate?

Rhetorical Analysis “Has technology ruined our ability to communicate?” by Natalie Bencivenga appears in the premier American news website The Huffington Post. In this article, Natalie aims to convince that social media and the new technology such as smartphones have

Persuasive Speech

It was just a day like any other. Students go to school, adults go to work, but that was not the case for Michael.He was found dead at 11.39 a.m at the hostel of the University of Georgia with a

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