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Since few decades, a rapid advancement has been observed in concern towards child development. Experts are now endeavoring to identify different factors that may result in adverse health or psychological state in adulthood, and thus, a number of studies have been carried out to understand different factors related to child development. In specific, this paper will be attempting to identify such research article related to factors affecting child development, and will discuss and analyze its findings accordingly.

            In the year 2004, Centre for Community Child Health (2004) from the Royal Children’s Hospital carried out a research in Melbourne to identify and analyze such factors in children and their families. This paper will particularly discuss some of their findings in the paper. Before this research, the experts considered few changes in the families that have been altered since few decades. In this regard, the research identified structural, cultural, social, employment, and emotional changes in the families. For instance, families have now become smaller and blended in terms of stepparents. Moreover, an increment is observed in single parenthood, same sex couples, and working parents. On the other hand, reduction is noted in number of children and household income in the families. According to researchers, all such factors play a crucial role in development of the child.

            In terms of factors affecting child development directly, research identified factors like early nutrition, relationship of genes and environment, early attachments, culture, availability of quality health services, etc. Research specified that nature a

nd nurture plays an imperative role in the child development, and child’s interaction with his/her

environment is always responded by an alteration in the genes. In addition, experts noted that prenatal nutrition is very significant for a healthy adulthood, and risks of getting a health problem or disease increases with unhealthy diet in the early childhood. (Center for Community Child Health, 2004)

            Child development is influenced by human relationships as well. In this regard, healthy attachments are essential for a healthy development of child. In other words, parents and health administration should arrange conditions and support that may allow parents to build strong relationships with their children that will be significant and vital for their child’s development.

            Besides nutrition, relationships, genes, and environment, culture is an important component in a human life, and it helps an individual in developing his/her practices. In this regard, different cultures have varying beliefs and practices in terms of living, eating, interacting etc, and thus, cultural factors are often crucial in the child development. An important factor identified in the paper and associated with the child development is balance between risk and defensive factors. (Center for Community Child Health, 2004) It is observed that children confront poor development due to psychosocial, biological, and environmental factors. On the other hand, some biological and environmental factors discussed above support them in dealing with such outcomes effectively. In this regard, it is very important that a balance should be kept between the two categories of factors that will allow children to develop effectively in a healthy manner

            Besides good parenting, last factor identified in the research was provision of quality health services. It is very vital that families are able to access healthcare services that are essential in early childhood, and may prevent various health risks and diseases in the families. In other words, public and private healthcare organizations should endeavor to provide quality provision of healthcare to families, especially in developing countries where environmental conditions are vulnerable. Conclusively, the paper has discussed some of the significant aspects of factors affecting child development that were identified in the research-based article from the internet. It is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic.



            Center for Community Child Health. (2004). “the underlying factors affecting child health and development and family functioning.” Professional Development Module. Retrieved on July 18, 2009: http://www.rch.org.au/emplibrary/ccch/EY_UF_Summary.pdf

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