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A person enters working life with intention to achieve something, to try new activity or just to follow the common logic: school work. Work has different meaning for different people, and they do it for different reasons: for someone it is achieving a particular status, for someone it is achieving a certain level of financial stability, and for someone it is an attempt to realize personal potential. Somehow everyone goes through changes in their career. Depending on the goals a person may agree to be flexible in order to advance his/her career. For many people it is important to improve their status and pay during their careers. They are looking forward for more opportunity and fit a job for them, to get rewards according to achievements and to be financially stable.

On the other hand, some people prefer following the flow of life by accepting opportunities that emerge on their way, bu

t not actively looking for them and some job are not related to their finished course. Nowadays, for

both of these types it is a basic requirement to be able to cope with the changing environment and therefore needs of the working life. The changing nature of working life has added a new dimension to the study of careers. As organizations become increasingly flat, lean and global in nature, career paths are becoming more difficult to define. Given a chance to find a job but not related to your accomplished course, this occupation provides an excellent opportunity to test the notion of a self-directed career in the hospitality industry. On a practical level, another reason for study is that by investigating those who have been successful in their careers, an insight can be gained into the ways in which these careers have been shaped. Looking for a job but not actually your expecting job, career planning, organization career policies and the value of particular skills towards career development.

The background to the study is lying in the willingness to know how current students of the hotel and restaurant management in the professional schools can plan their career s in order to achieve and gain them the importance of choosing a job in line of there accomplished course. This information can help understand how to a person who just enters the work life by choosing job and does not know which skills to develop, what environment gives more valuable experience, what responsibilities help develop one’s career needs assistance of professionals. The knowledge that can be acquired from this research can be used for this purpose.

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