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Classroom teaching is nearly a universal activity designed to help students to learn. It is the process that brings the curriculum into contact with students and through which educational goals are to be contacted with students and through which educational goals are to be achieved. In the teaching learning process, the students are the center and that their needs should be given attention to by the school administrators, teachers, and parents. The school environments present an educative atmosphere. The modern school site, building and equipments are adequate, safe, sanitary comfortable and attractive. It is only in the best environmental setting that the most effective learning takes place. The role of a teacher is clearly more than just planning and executing lesson plans, it’s also becoming the students’ third parent.

One benefit of the role of a teacher is being a constant role model for their students. Learners that lack a solid family foundation will really benefit from a positive role model. Teacher’s that portray an image of confidence and accomplishment will help fulfill a learner’s need of a positive role model when the family may fail to provide such a figure. Parents should set climate for learning at home and establish routines for their children around schoolwork. Parents should also be a learner role model and provide tools that the child needs to read, write, and do homework. Mathematics is a way of organising our experience of the world. It enriches our understanding and enables us to communicate and make sense of our experiences.

It also gives us enjoyment. By doing mathematics we can solve a range of practical tasks and real-life problems. We use it in many areas of our lives. In schools, Mathematics has many applications in almost subjects in the secondary curriculum. In everyday learning experience of students, various factors contribute to better performance in the learning of Mathematics. Every student deserves to become mathematically literate; however, there are reasons that could cause students to have learning difficulties in Mathematics. Many students find Mathematics to be difficult. They often find the subject boring, difficult to understand, and irrelevant. This can be seen from their attitudes in the class interaction with the teacher and also the students’ progress report. This study will explore the factors that affect the learning of Mathematics among Grade VIII students.

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