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Individual identity could be influenced by many factors. These factors are family, friends, culture, gender, personal interests, appearance, environment and many more. Some of the factors likely have more impact than others and some may have not any impact at all.

Part of individual ethnicity is culture. Culture could be represented through the art, sport, customs and traditions, food, language of community. All around the world we have different cultures and they natural environment greatly affects the lifestyle of the people of that region. Through the culture people share the same values and symbols. For instance, group of people might go watch rugby because they would like to support the local team and wearing T-shirts which symbolise that team. This group of people have the same identity and have common interests and may differ from other supporters.

As the individuals we are taking part in society from many aspects. In a modern word people tend to play many roles which cause tension. Not everyone could cope with multiple identities which people have. For instance to be a business man, sportsman and parent. These identities are conflicting in many cases. It is not necessarily choice of people. Very often it is the way how community and society are developed.

Friendships could be important for every individual as gives you mainly positive emotions and satisfaction even in controversial or conflict situations solution could be find very easy. Usually there is liking or affection for other and desire to spend time with.

Every person looking to the world differently and interpret things from his/her perception. Therefore in similar situation we could expect different versions. For instance, I am interested to apply for job which I think I would be good at. Whereas friend of mine think that I am going to waste my time as I do not have enough experience.

There are many constraints influencing identity, for example, material, social and physical. There is relation between these factors. In many communities individuals create stereotypes and prejudices. There are societies where government divided population into categories based on occupation. Frequently people are discriminated because of the age or body size, or skin colour. For instance, family emigrated to another country and try to integrate into unfamiliar society. They are living in poor area and rent a house which is in a poor condition and work in factory. In spite of this they are educated people but have barrier of language.

There is link between all this factors as they are build up person’s identity.

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