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Nowadays, watching movies is one of the most favored past time of people both young and old alike. There are many genres to choose from that could fit your taste such as comedy, action, romance, horror, thriller, drama, suspense, etc. From all the movies that have been made, some of them have really captured their audience while others totally drove them away. When it comes to me, I generally believe that movies must be privileged by some special factors such as storyline, casting and emotional impact. First of all, I think, to have a good movie is that you have a good story, a very moving plot and a great script. There are movies that really can open our eyes to the truths around us and there are others that don’t teach us any lesson at all. A storyline of a movie must be up to date and can cater for the people’s interest. For example, viewers nowadays prefer to watch act

ion movies. When a director produces a film, he must consider this factor in order to insure that he

can produce a movie that is satisfying and enjoying to the viewers. Second, of course if there’s a great script there must also be actors. We need good actors to make a good movie. Actors, who can justify the characters and make them, come alive in front of the audience. They must be able to portray the characters well so that people say that the characters are made keeping them in mind.

They should blend themselves into the characters. As an instance, when going for watching movie, I first ask myself who the actors playing in this movie are. Definitely, a good movie should give the real feeling to its audiences at home or to the movie-goers and obviously the expert actors give an outstanding performance in film. The third and the most important factor of good movie is emotional impact. A movie absolutely has to make me feel something. Whether it’s fear, laughter, whatever it might be. It has to get to me on an emotional level. A movie might possibly be lacking a number of the above listed necessary qualities, but if it goes completely past my logical reasoning responses and makes me really feel something deeply, I’m going to rate it highly nonetheless. To conclude, there are plenty of factors that can affect the success of any movie including: storyline, casting and emotional impact. Without these factors, a movie may be rendered irrelevant, useless, and less entertaining. Audience must draw their attention to know and analyze these factors to collect an excellent movie. To me, a good movie is a movie that you could recommend it to every one!

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