Failure of the League of Nations in Confronting Japan’s Behavior in Asia Essay Sample

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To some extent the main reason why the League of Nations failed, was that most countries only thought of themselves and their interest and also the absence of the U.S. which contributed to a large factor in the failure of nations. Summary the root cause of the failure of the League of Nations was because it was an organization with no real power of approach (toothless bulldog). Japanese new ideal of expansion carried out by Japan’s military force which was widely due to the inactive government losing the peoples vote to the military because they Japanese politics indicates that all Japanese where equally subject to the emperor and that the “people’s will” and the “imperial will” were the same. With this concept the military force began its first attack on Manchuria and also attacked china carrying out pointless destruction, looting, rape, torture, murder which created a reign of

terror that lead to the death of millions of Chinese. This savagery act carried out by the Japanese

army created a major confusion amongst the members of the League of Nations on measures that would be used to tackle this situation on ground because it was their duty to maintain peace and prevent future wars from reoccurring.

Some basic protocol and steps had to be followed to lure the army out of this countries such as persuasion but japan couldn’t/ didn’t give into this and the league of nations had no other choice than to consider economic sanctions but considering that most countries amongst the league of nations had a good trading history with japan and still facing the great depression sorted it out not to be the right move to make on the Japanese , and if military action should be carried out it would leave countries like great Britain vulnerable against the Japanese army because it would take ten weeks for British battle fleet to reach the nearest naval base at Singapore and by that time period the Japanese could have built up even greater forces in china and this gave the soviet union no other choice than to go to battle with the Japanese during the years of 1938 and massively defeating them at the battle of Nomonhan in 1939 . The Manchuria affair damaged the League of Nations reputations cause one of its leading members had gone to war and it was just a matter of time before nations would start doubting the league of nations ability to maintain and prevent reoccurring wars.

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