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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful housemaid called Snowella. Snowella served an evil witch called Drusilla and her seven evil dwarfs. Snowella was an orphan abandoned in an orphanage when she was very young. When she got older, she needed money and a place to stay so she came to work for the witch, but she regrets it. Being the only servant in the house, she had to do all the work. She hated all the work and she disliked being teased by the snobby dwarfs. If only she could leave and never come back.

One day when Snowella was sweeping in the kitchen, she heard the bang and clang of the letterbox. After running to the door to collect the post, she found to her surprise that there were nine golden envelopes lying on the doormat. Snowella reached down and looked at the letters. Curly writing on the front showed that the letters were addressed to the evil witch, Drusilla, each of the 7 ugly dwarfs and the last was to Snowella! Snowella was so excited! She had never received post before and couldn’t wait to open it. She ran skipping and singing downstairs to her room in the cellar. She ripped open the letter and read….

She was so happy. She had always wanted to go to a ball and it was her dream to meet Prince Charming. Suddenly one of the dwarfs called Angus came barging in. He grabbed the letter from Snowella’s hand and read it. When he finished reading, he began to laugh. He started to torment Snowella about how she would have nothing decent to wear and she would have no way to get there because she could not come with them because they would not want to be seen with a dirty servant like her. Snowella broke down in tears. Angus was right, she had nothing nice to wear and the palace was miles away. Angus left the room cackling and laughing at Snowella’s grief.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, a little man popped into sight. He slowly approached Snowella with a sly smile crossing his little face. Snowella looked up in astonishment to see the little man sitting next to her on her bed. Snowella sniffed and said. “Who are you and where did you come from?” He looked up and in a strangely high voice replied, “I am Rupelstilskin and I have come to help you”. Snowella sobbed, “No one can help me, and I can’t go to the ball I have nothing to wear and no way of getting there”

With a gleeful smile, he cackled. “But I can help you dear lady” From his ripped jacket he pulled a long wooden wand. “Alacazam!”

he roared. All of a sudden, Snowella was wearing a magnificent, beautiful dress. A smile broke over Snowella’s face as she stared down at her self. A loud crack came from outside of the window and Snowella saw to her delight that a large horse drawn carriage was waiting on the grand driveway. Snowella, practically jumping for joy, thanked Rupelstilskin for his kindness and asked what she could do to repay him. Rupelstilskin whispered so Snowella could barely here. ” The only thing I request is that you are back by midnight or something terrible will happen.” Snowella agreed and skipped off to her awaiting carriage.

By the time, the carriage had trundled up to the spectacular gates of the palace it was dead on six. Everything was going right Snowella thought as she walked gracefully up to the doors to the door man, a big bear who asked for her name and looked at the guest list. Snowella’s name was on the guest list but her picture did not match the way she looked tonight. She sat on the step and listened to the music coming from the open doors. At seven o’clock, a handsome man came out. He looked at Snowella and asked, “Why are you out here instead of inside having fun?” She replied, “I wasn’t allowed in but I defiantly received an invitation” The man invited her in; she had a great time dancing and did not want the night to end. She totally forgot about the little man and her promise to be back by twelve. Suddenly she found herself in the middle of the dancing hall in her rags. She ran out side followed by most of the party. She ran towards where her horse and carriage were standing but she found as she approached, it disappeared. She fell on her knees drying and dropped dead.

There was no explanation to why and how she died. Nevertheless, every Friday night at twelve o’clock you can hear the sound of Rupelstilskin skipping down the road cackling. Moreover, singing, “if only she came back on time, she would have been totally fine. But now she’s mine!”

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