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Family assessment is an important device to analyze and to help a family regain their health status prominently. By interviewing them, a nurse could get a holistic view on determining the family’s currant health status, behavior, and their way/ quality of life. For this Assessment, an African American family would be chosen to interview, and the questionnaire created would help determine their family health.

The family selected for this assessment is African American who have been living in New York for a very long time. They father is 48 and the mother is 47 married for almost 20 years, and they have not been divorced. They have two children in total, a girl and a boy. The oldest daughter, is in her second year in college, majoring in Pharmacology, and the son is in his senior year in high school. The father is a business man and the mother is a nurse. The family do not commit in any harmful behavior, such as drinking alcohol, or taking drugs. The father however, is a bit overweight, and the youngest son has asthma problems. The father has hypertension, and diabetes type 2. He is taking antihypertensive for hypertension, and for diabetes, he takes oral hypoglycemic agents, and he is on diet control. The younger has asthma, and he is using inhalers. The family is getting regular checkups from the doctor as well.

The mother cooks healthy food, such as mashed potatoes, with less sodium, and steamed string beans and asparagus. The beef and chickens, are steamed or grilled, and the family try to avoid eating fried meat. They also cook dishes with fish, plantains and corn, with less oil to reduce cholesterol as well. Even though the father and the children loves to eats foods rich in sodium, and fried meat, the mother restricts them from eating these. The family also eats lots of fruits, and yogurts. The mother and father eats low fat yogurts. The mother reminds the father to not to drink carbonated beverages, and even if they do, it has to be diet.

The family’s elimination pattern are fine, and there has been no changes. Their bowel and bladder movements are normal, and there is no evidence of constipation or diarrhea, that affects their daily habits. They have no pain in their bowel movements, or any sign and symptoms of hemorrhoids, or any urinary tract infection. No one in the family takes laxatives either.

The family gets enough sleep during night time. Apart from the kids, who might stay up late to finish college work, or schoolwork, the parents usually get at least eight hours of sleep. Both the wife and husband has work at seven, and so they go to sleep, soon after they eat dinner. The husband sometimes, due to overweight issues, has sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when the breathing pattern momentarily stops while sleeping, and it usually occurs to people who are overweight. Due to this, the wife sometimes, does not get enough rest, and at times stays alerted. But nobody in the family takes sleeping aid.

The family members all go to the gym, and they are fully aware of their exercise pattern. The family knows the importance of staying healthy, especially the husband, and he takes interest in doing this. The mother doesn’t let the son go outside most of the time during spring, since has asthma, and pollen might trigger breathing problems. The family spend their spare time watching television, reading books, and taking the dogs out for a walk. The family is Roman Catholic, and they are very active participants in their church community. The mother is involved in helping the church with fund raiser, and also a PTA member in her son’s high school.

The family members are well aware of their surroundings, and what is going around. The family members are all well educated, and have no problem with learning and adaptation. The family is quick in able to solve a certain problem, and learn about anything, depending upon the problem. The family members have a good insight about their personality, and they are all happy to be in an accomplished state of life. No one in the family have any lost hope, since both the parents have a good job to support the family, and the one of kid is in college, and the other in high school. Both the husband and wife is managing good at home and in workplace. The mother and father goes to work in the morning, and then comes back in the evening. They both find time to participate in church, and other social activities.

The family members, cope with each other in a good manner, and they understand each other’s feelings. No one in the family uses any medication drugs or alcohol to help with coping. The family has overcome stress by communicating with each other, or by their other friends and family. The family members, perform their roles properly, and support each other. The relationship between the family members are very good, and it is understandable. The mother and father supports their children no matter what, and themselves. Although the family members are not that sexually active as usual, they still care for each other deeply. They work together to get things done properly and efficiently. They do not have any sexual problems, and they understand about the concept about the sexual health, including the children.

Two wellness nursing diagnoses based on this family assessment happens to be on staying healthy and to consume more health related food. Diabetes, and hypertension are risk diagnosis, and the husband should consume foods, that are low in sodium, and carbohydrates. The husband should exercise more and try to reduce his weight the husband should try to eat food low in sodium and carbohydrates. . The younger son, who has asthma should be in a clean environment, and don’t do too much physical activity, the gym hours should be reduced slightly. Both the father and the son, should see the doctor regularly to get an update on their health. Also the mother and daughter should be in regular checkup, even if they are currently healthy.


Edelman, C.L., & Mandle, C.L. (2010). Health promotion throughout the life span (7th ed.). Philadelphia PA: Lippincoltt, William & Wilkins

Values, health perception:
1. How is your family’s health, any concerns about the current health? 2. Anybody having health habits like use alcohol or any drugs. 3. Does your family is attending regular medical checkup with your primary care physician? Nutrition:

1. Describe family’s nutritional status, anyone is malnourished or over weight? 2. What is your eating pattern, Do you cook, or buying food from outside? 3. Does anybody in the family has any diet restriction, or diet control due to disease like diabetic mellitus? Sleep/ Rest:

1. Generally how families is sleep pattern, did they get enough rest after the work? 2. Does anybody took sleeping aid?
3. Does anybody in the family has sleeping problem like sleep apnea and using assistive devise for sleep? Elimination:
1. Any changes in the bowel and bladder pattern recently, like constipation, diarrhea which affects the daily activates? 2. Describes any pain while bowel movement, any history of hemorrhoids, or urinary tract infection. 3. Anybody in the family take laxatives?

Activity /Exercise:
1. Does your families has a regular exercise program, what is their concept about exercise and activity?
2. How you spend your spare time?
3. Does families involves in the social activities?

1. Does anyone in the family has any problem with understanding the surrounds?
2. Any problem with learning and adaptation?
3. How does the family’s ability to learn, remember and problem solving depend on the situation?

Self- Perception:
1. How you and your family members thinks about their personality?
2. Does anybody has feeling that they lost hope in their life?
3. How they are thinking about their ability to manage their role at home and work?

Role Relationship:
1. Does the family members perform their role, they supposed to do?
2. How is the relationship between other members of the family?
3. Does each member in the family support each other?

1. Does the family members have enough information about sexual education?
2. Adults. Any sexual problem, did they use contraceptives?
3. Did they understand the concept of sexual health?

1. How does the family understand and cope with stress full events in the life?
2. Does anybody use any medication drugs or alcohol?
3. How the family overcome stress full situation, what resources they are depending?

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