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INTRODUCTION I. Background of the Study Nowadays, the performance of the high school students in academics is not competent anymore. One of the main reasons why this scenario happens is because of certain family issues. There are plenty of students who struggles different problems at home but the question is do these problems really affect a child’s performance in school? This statistical research is mainly for knowing if a child’s school performance

knowing if a child’s school performance is really affected by the problems that he/she encounters at home. There are some students that although there are family problems, he/she is still capable of excelling in his/her studies.

There are also some that has a good relationship with their family but doesn’t perform well in school at all. This issue is quite difficult to discuss for it involves the private lives of the students. But knowing a student’s family life will make us understand and see a clearer picture of what affects a child’s non-satisfactory performance in school. The outcome of this survey will greatly help the high school students of MAV in balancing their home and school lives. Both the parents and children will benefit with this study because it tackles life outside and inside the school. It will help them to understand more of their problems and how they must deal with it.

II. Statement of the Problem

A lot of people say that their problems are a big disturbance to their concentration. People tend to be easily distracted if there are problems that bother their minds. If so, will a student’s issue at home really mess up with the child’s performance in school?

III. Significance of the Study

This study will certainly benefit the high school students because it will make them realize that the things that they usually prioritize are the ones that they don’t need at all. It will help them to focus more on the things that will best help them in molding their character. By the use of this research, it will help the teachers in understanding a student if a student fails to excel in his/her studies. This will also benefit the Administration for they may be able to come up with different programs that will help the students regarding this matter.

IV. Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The cover of our thesis will only be from Grade 7 up to the 3rd year MAV High school students. It will only cover topics related to their family and academic statuses. In respect to their privacy, we have not named the students in our thesis. Only the data we have gathered in our survey will be released and discussed in this research. Overall, we have surveyed 76 students to help us with this study.

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