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Fantasy City Essay Sample

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Fantasy City Essay Sample

You will never believe what happened to me you remember that dream I used to tell you about? Well buddy it has come true. Last Friday night I had that same dream again and it was massive, it was better than before, it was like a dream come true and might have been a dream but a dream come True. As the flying bus dropped me in the entrance of the city there was the candy arcs cave over my head. I pass my finger on the candy arcs slowly I tasted it to make sure that it was real and to my amusement it was real a special grin came on my face. I continued walking into the city I saw a little cabbage man walked directly in front of me he was short green and white and had two eyes a leg and hands my eyes opened in amazement. I didn’t even realize I was standing in the middle of the road and black Hammer vehicle Drove directly over me I fought I had die but the I heard sirens coming my way then I saw a little monkey came and pushed a white tube in my mouth the started pumping the air in my mouth then my belly started getting big and my whole body started getting big then I started floating in the air then the little monkey pulled the tube out of my mouth and then I started flying all over the place.

It was so supernatural. I landed on a tall building with a bouncy house on top of it I landed directly in side of it, it was so colorful and fun I stayed and bounced up un down for a while then I decided to go down to lower ground. I then opened the cheesy door with the conkle door knob I even tasted it un I through to myself is this poisonous, then I said no It can’t be. As I passed through the door I was saying to myself “I hate going down stairs un this building is so tall.” To my amaze there weren’t any steps there were slides and a huge smile came on my face. Then I went down that slide as soon as possible. While I was going down I was screaming and laughing it was so fun. The slide was like a rainbow it was so colorful and it I though the slide would never end as soon as I opened my eyes I saw a swimming pool at the end of the slide.

Then I splashed in to the water well that’s what I thought it was it was sprite I didn’t know dowboula had a branch in this city. I then started to swim for the first time, a light blue dolphin then passed un it twiced its long nose so then I thought I was saying get on its back so then I decided to do just that. The dolphin then decided to swim around with me The further it go it was like the pool was getting bigger and bigger. Suddenly a huge wave came coming my way the dolphin the turned to a surf board and then I surfed that wave like a professional and I had never surfed in my life before I was surprised so much I fell a hurt my knee then the same cabbage man came to help me on a grey un red jet ski.

He placed me on the yellow and black stretcher on the back on the jet ski and blue me on the hot tiles I was wondering what was happen In this place with mix temperatures I was just in cold spirit in a building and then I landed on hot tiles things were starting to seem wired then the cabbage man came an said did u enjoy your day at fantasy city I said yes with a big smile then he pushed a red strawberry lollipop in my mouth and then told me bye bye. I then close my eyes and then opened them again and I appeared on my bed and I still felt the pain in my knee my cloths was wet then I stayed and said “I maybe had a dream Pied in bed and fell of my bed maybe that’s the explanation to all this.

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