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How far would you go to save your loved ones Essay Sample

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How far would you go to save your loved ones Essay Sample

It was a normal morning in London, therefore it was overcast. The birds were singing like a choir performing. Suzan my wife that I use to call Suzy woke me up, it would be the last time she would be my alarm clock. She woke up late that morning as I had a late night. I felt great, no work and I was also looking forward to take Tom my son to Thorpe Park. As I was changing, Suzy and Tom were eating breakfast, like a normal weekend morning. I walked into the kitchen that Saturday morning and gave my good mornings to Suzy and Tom as they had finished eating their breakfast.

Then Suzy informed me that she was going to the local bank to hand in a cheque and she was taking Tom my son with her. It was going to be Suzy’s birthday the following week. Suzy was not only my wife, she was the reason I exist. She is the reason why I am alive today, the reason why I say this is because when I use to be in the gang business, when I was only twenty years old. I owed my gang leader Jake money, which I borrowed for a new car. I really wanted a car at that time as I use dream of owning a car since the day I set eyes one.

And no I didn’t go for a cheap one, yes I was very picky and careless about it, I wanted a car which was fast and a big sum of fifty thousand. The bank turned me down for a loan as I had no source of income and I just could not afford to pay him back. Jake couldn’t stand the fact that I couldn’t pay him back so his gang, many of which I thought were my friends were set to kill me. I did not know that I was targeted until Jake whispered the word “now” there I was trapped in his mansion, nowhere run and nowhere to hide, I even felt like the walls were against me.

I thought I was a goner, my heart was pounding against my chest as one of them pointed their cold gun against my chest, I thought my heart had pounded for the last time ,until Suzy appeared from nowhere gave him the money, I was in a state of shock and collapsed on to the floor. As I laid on the floor Jake whispered into my ear “you’re lucky someone cares about you. ” Then I was thrown out his mansion like bag of trash and felt the cold footpath of freedom. As I woke up, my first site was Suzy saying, “you’re going to be alright the ambulance is on the way” I felt like I was born again and given a second chance.

Suzy had to sell the last remaining object given by her long gone mother, which was a expensive pearl necklace and at the time I was only her boyfriend. From that point I knew I had to pay her back and by this, I meant I would buy her a pearl necklace like the one that had been given by her mother. I asked her why she did this for me and she replied “love. ” Suzy was kind and never did wrong, always putting everyone else first. She was the definition to polite and calm. There had never been I time that I had a reason to argue with her, but I know she would not say the same about me.

When she used to persuade me for something she wanted, she always won because of her sparkling, sea blue and big eyes, which hipnotised me. As you can see she was the missing puzzle of my life, although it was from the point she saved my life that I realised this. Continuing the story, Suzy then told me my breakfast is warming up in the microwave as she was getting ready to leave, while I was reading a newspaper, which Suzy always kept on the table every morning from the day we got married, as she knew I liked reading first thing in the mornings.

As they had left, Tom gave me his “bye dad. I had replied bye back as he gave his innocent smile. My son Tom the one of two things I would sacrifice my life for, the other thing being Suzy. Tom is something else, he is so clever that I was told no one in my past generations were as clever as him by my Grandma. I wonder why he is always on the internet. He nearly gets anything he asks for because of his innocent face. His sad face could change the mood of a happy crowd. He is a sensitive ten year old and worries over the littlest things like the time when Suzy was late from coming home from work.

He started to worry so much he started to cry and begged me to find her, when he cries his face makes me cry. Therefore, I told him that she would turn up and there must be delays on the trains. Then while I was doing paper work from work, I heard the front door shut, it was Tom leaving the house. As I caught him, Suzy turned up walking towards our house. He ran to her crying as if he would have never seen her again. Continuing the story, as they were leaving, I put my newspaper down and walked to the window to see them leave. They walked out of the house driveway, gossiping, until a car stopped in front of them.

The car was an expensive one, it was a Jaguar. It was as red as blood; it was a five seater, although four were occupied. The street was empty, not a walking person in sight, and not another car driving past. My street was scarily quiet. The car window opened as Suzy walked closer unaware of what had been in store for her. I gazed at the Suzy as she had a conversation with a passenger in the car. As she talked, she held Toms hand and then the microwave bleeped that told me my breakfast was ready. I went to the microwave thinking they must be talking about direction; this is where I was wrong.

Then hearing a life taking gunshot! I ran to the window and took a quick glimpse, that second of a glimpse told me enough. I saw Suzy floored with a puddle of blood surrounding her and my son being kidnapped. At this point, I ran outside like there was no tomorrow and heard the car skid away. And then I had to face the unthinkable, innocent Suzy dying a painful death, I was astonished, blood everywhere and as I comforted her head with the palm of my hands I heard Suzy’s last words which were “get our boy back”, my hands painted red, checking Suzy for a mere pulse, but no hope she was gone.

What would you do take matters into your own hands or let the police deal with it? At this point, I released that I was fighting for the last piece of puzzle left in my family, I ran into my car in anger and in sadness, in pursuit to catch the people responsible for the death of my wife and to make Suzy’s last words reality. My car is a Nissan skyline, it is a cheetah built for speed. I was fortunate that there was traffic on the high road, therefore they were in sight. My rage of anger felt like ramming their car, but I knew if I rammed it, Tom will get hurt and I will end up with no family. Just memories of one.

I saw Tom trying to fight the two people in the back seats, but the two men over powering him to make him sit. Tom was like a new pencil zipped up in a pencil case. I felt useless because I could not help him. I tailed them for a mile or two, until they pulled over at a wood factory. I parked outside on the street. At this point I felt time was against me, as I was thinking that they were going to kill my son and I have to stop them before time runs out. I sneaked through past the workers, until I heard Tom scream; this told me he was in danger. I ran to the door, which I heard the scream from.

Then I was smacked on the head with a bottle of beer, which knocked me out cold. I thought I was dead. I woke up in my car with a mobile next to me, it was not my one. I felt dizzy like I just came out of a rollercoaster. I could smell beer, I felt like a binge drinker waking up from a hangover. I noticed a needle was injected into me, whoever did this to me broke my promise to my mother, which was I would never take any sort of illegal drugs ever. I do not know how my life could have got worse at this point, I felt like I had lost everything, with Suzy’s last words spinning round my head.

Suzy’s last word also made my senses come back to me then I remembered that Tom was kidnapped. As I remembered that, my wife was dead and Tom was kidnapped. I wished I never woke up. My heart raced as I thought about Tom, I thought they might have killed him. Then the mobile rang, I answered it, then the boss who was responsible for this nightmare answered. He said “hello Hammond. ” Then I raged with all my might as I found out who was responsible so I replied “Jake! ” Jake use to be my boss when I used to be in the gang business. He was a mean person, he always got his way otherwise someone would pay with their life.

The last time we meet, I told him that I wanted to leave the gang, after the following day they threw me onto the pavement and he was not happy with my decision, he said “you may leave, but it will cost you later, no questions, leave” I followed his commands and never thought this would be the outcome, I thought money is what he wanted and he had got it. I was not completely amazed to find out he was responsible, as I knew he would get me back one day, but I never knew he would get me back like this. Then he replied calmly “calm down you will do yourself an injury. ” I added, “Where is my kid. ”

He said, “He is feign, listen(I heard Tom crying), unless you don’t follow instructions, we are going to play a game it’s a bit like Simon says, but you do what I say. And here are the rules: you’re not where I tell you the kid dies, you don’t do what I tell you the kid dies, you don’t do it when I tell you the kid dies, you talk to anyone, your late and you let me down the kid dies you getting my drift. First, I want you to rob me a bank, yeah I am a bit low on cash, I want you to do a big one, and therefore you have to rob the bank of England . I will meet you at the factory when the job is done.

Hope to see your face on the news” After all his words, I put the phone down to follow his command as I knew he had his henchmen following my every move as they were stalking me with their car. Therefore, I was set to rob the bank of England, which I knew was impossible. At this point, I felt blackmailed and like a banished slave. I felt like I was dreaming a nightmare. I drove to my house to find my gun, which I had been given by Jake, the sole responsible for this nightmare. I picked up the one thing Suzy forbidden me to use or to even touch. Then I fled to the bank to perform the impossible task.

I did not think about planning and help from anyone. I just did a simple robbery, which was I ran inside and take the gun with me to scare the staff. Two guards, they were big like comparing a pea to big watermelon, in terms of my size. They came and attacked me they looked like two big bears. As they ran towards me my brain froze out of ideas to withstand the guard’s attacks, I had no guts to kill them. The next moment I was floored by the guards, I felt so dizzy on the floor I was seeing four guards holding me down. Then the guards told a member of staff to call the police, as they handcuffed me.

I felt helpless, it was like Tom was stuck on the moon and there was no space shuttle on earth for me to save him with. The police came five minutes later and toke me to custody, although this would not be the first time. All this did is give more time for Jake to find out and find that there was no use of Tom. At this point I thought Tom was as good as gone, but a part of me had a little faith and belief that he would be alive as I thought his innocent eyes would change Jake’s mind about killing him on the other hand I remembered how cold hearted Jake was.

The police were set to interview me and I told them the mess I was in. They also informed me Suzy’s body was found and that she was pronounced dead. They were set to do a raid at Jakes hide out, but before this, they set me free. They told me they will be in touch and I will have to appear in court for carrying a murder weapon, threatening a member of the public, and attempting a robbery. They also told me that I should have contacted them rather than taking matters into my own hands. I had left the police station and rushed towards the wood factory, hoping Jake and Tom were still there.

I wanted to see my son in my arms and a destroyed Jake. I was just in time the police raided the factory and I felt like justice was a few minutes away. As they smashed the factories locked doors down, Jake’s men poured out with guns. A gunfight took place, it was like a war of good versus evil, but the goods came out on top. Then Jake popped out with a gun to Tom’s head. Tom crying his eyes out, I tried to run to Jake to stop him, but the police held me back, I felt helpless and again Suzy’s last words were spinning in my head.

This made my heart pound; it felt like a boxer was punching my chest constantly. Then a bullet out of nowhere hit Jake’s head and he fell to the floor in agony. Then the sight I had been waiting for from the moment I knew Jake was responsible for Suzy’s death, which was Tom running into my arms departing from Jakes bloody carcass. I asked the police officer “who? ” he replied “sniper. ” The police recovered many stolen items from the factory as well as confiscating a whole load of illegal drugs. Tom and me lived through the nightmare unfortunately Suzy did not wake up from it.

I know it would take weeks for Tom and even me to get use to the fact that Suzy is dead. And I would try be behind him all the way, I say try because I may have to do time for attempting a robbery and possession of a weapon. Poor Suzy, she I did not know what was in store for her and I felt as if it was my entire fault. Why did I decide to be a member of a vicious gang? How will Tom see this when he is older, will he blame me? To die a week before her birthday and to miss her pearl necklace, which I finally managed to buy is very unfortunate. From three to two.

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