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As my year comes to an end I can still remember the feeling when they called my name as Miss Berea outstanding teen, excitement and the overwhelming joy. As I began my journey I had many people on my team, Mr. Jimmy, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Brenda and of course my family! Together they all helped me prepare for state. When state arrived I was very honored to be representing Berea and I knew that I would not be here with the help of my pageant family. Mr. Jimmy thank you for always having an honest opinion with me and give me constructive criticisms when I needed it. Ms. Ashley thank you being my fashionesta and helping stay physical fit, with your help I knew when I stepped out on to the stage I lo

oked my the best! Ms. Brenda without you I know I would not the young lady I am today, you helped me

with my own self growth and when I thought I was getting overwhelmed and flustered you were always there telling me that it will all be okay. I can say I will miss those late night phone calls when I just needed to talk and you were always there to listen to me.

To my pageant sister Allison, thank you for being my cheerleader when I was stressed and always saying I can do it. To my family, mom dad I cannot say how much I am thankful for you, dad you work so hard just so I can be where I am today and never once complain. Mom you have always been there for me through the thick and thin. You take me everywhere I need to go and never complain about even when I know it is hard for you. I want to say thank you both for always being so supportive of me in everything I do, you all are reason I am who I am today, without you I could not have achieved the things I have. I love you all so much. To my successor make as many memories as possible because you will cherish them all. To the contestants I wish you all the best of luck and remember this, you see all crowns are different, it’s really an art. Yours can be rhinestones, or the growth of your heart.

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