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Fast Food Advertising Essay Sample

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Fast Food Advertising Essay Sample

Have you ever been relaxing, on your living room couch, watching TV. on an empty stomach debating on what to have for lunch, when suddenly a Doritos Loco Taco commercial comes on looking like it’s better than a grilled steak? Ads and commercials have become more and more useful to fast food chains in helping them advertise their products. Creativity has become an important factor in advertising for fast food restaurants. Fast food commercials are more commonly used to attract the buyers’ attention. As Jack Solomon says in his article Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising. He says that the word is to “manipulate” and not to “persuade.” The commercial of the Doritos Locos Taco starts off with a man taking a picture of the taco. It goes on by adding pictures together and parts of other people’s faces and taking bites out of the taco. When the last person takes the last bite it finishes off with fireworks going off. With the fireworks going off in the picture that meant that the taco was good and the people enjoyed it. That is what the commercial meant when they put the fireworks in it, showing that the taco was good and everyone liked it.

Like Solomon said in his article the fireworks where meant to “manipulate” the people viewing the commercial to go and try the taco to see if it’s as good as the people in the commercial make it look. Like McDonalds in the 1980s had Ronald McDonald the clown, Taco Bell had the little Chihuahua dog to reach a lot the viewer’s attention. The commercial in the 1980s had a man walk passed a little dog his taco bell food in his hands. The dog then would start to follow the man until he sat down at his table. The dog would sit at his feet and the man looked down at the dog and the dog would say in Spanish “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” in English “I want Taco Bell.” The difference from the 80s commercial of the Taco Bell and the commercial from 2011 is that it gets from a talking dog to pictures and music with fireworks. Commercials have changed dramatically since then but they all still do the same thing and that is to get the people’s attention to try if not to buy what they are advertising in their commercial. The creativity also in the commercials has changed a lot over the years.

They went from plain and simple and to the point with a talking dog to different people in pictures getting involved in eating the taco and then fireworks going off at the end when the taco has already been eaten. The commercial in the 1980s were using a talking dog as in just to get people to go to the restaurant. In the commercial from 2011 they use pictures with different people trying to get them to try their new taco that they came out with. They also use the fireworks going off in the end showing that the taco was amazing and that everyone liked it and they would go again and get them a taco like that one. They also use music as well as pictures for their advertisements. Whereas in the 1980’s music nor pictures were hardly used because of the technology back then.

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