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Fate of Wish and Death-Flashback Essay Sample

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Fate of Wish and Death-Flashback Essay Sample

The surroundings were bright, chairs were set around the round hexagon-like room, it was neither small nor big, it was average. No one knew how it was built or even when it was built. Ahhh… The aroma of the tea. The aroma moves swiftly across the room. I lift up the tea gently as I took a small sip. ‘I wonder what kind of broken fragment that fate will show to me today,’ I giggled cruelly. ‘Ahhh, she’s already here,’ I giggled again as I looked outside the window and place the teacup on the table gently. I walked passed the door through the corridor. A young girl wearing a hood enters the shop with a nervous look. ‘I didn’t mean to bother,’ she bows with a panicking look. ‘It’s okay, if you are here means that you have a wish, What is your wish?’ I smiled as I offered my hand to her. ‘I …’

The smell of strawberry tingles my nose. The coldness of the surrounding makes me feels like I am flying. It’s cold… Really cold… cold… Am I dead?! I force my eyes to open and fell down face to face on the floor. ‘Ouch…’ I growled with a painful voice. I carefully touch my face with one hand and the other touching the cold floor, ouch… it hurts… As I tried to stand up, I accidentally stand on my long dark brown hair and slip, consciously, again, the floor kissed my face. ‘OUCH!!’ I cried out loud. I looked up to the clock which was hung on the wall, 7.40a.m. Suddenly, it struck me, ‘SCHOOL STARTS AT 7.45!!! I am going to be late!!!’ I quickly rush to get myself ready and rush down the stairs. I glance at the clock on the kitchen, it shows 7.43. OH NO!!! I quickly ran out the apartment and ran to school, I am going to be late!!! School takes about 10 minutes walk and about 5 minutes if I run. I quickly ran and ran. I reached the gate by 7.49 as I glance at my watch. I quickly ran to my classroom and sneaks in the classroom. ‘Going anywhere? Ms. Late Princess Lacie Klein,’ my homeroom teacher, Ms. Layla called out to me. I sweat drop a little, ‘Ermm, sorry teacher, I kinda overslept today,’

‘Your always like this,’ my teacher sighs, ‘Is your injury getting better?’ ‘Y-yes teacher !!’
‘Please try to come a little bit more early,’ she sighs again. ‘Yes teacher!’
‘Very well, sit down now.’
‘Thank you teacher,’
I walked towards my sit next to Marie, and the bell rang at 8.00 a.m. to symbolise that class starts now. As the bell rang again for lunch, everyone went down besides Marie and I. ‘Are you okay?’ she asked me with a worried face.

‘Yes, I am, so you don’t have to keep on worry about me,’ I reassure her. ‘Are you really sure?’
‘Yes I am, I think you have to worry about that boyfriend of yours than me,’ as soon as my sentence finished, her face flushed bright red. ‘He’s not my boyfriend!!!’ she looks away trying to hide her face. ‘Hahaha,’ I laughed, ‘Stop trying to deny it!’

‘Let’s go! Lunch is awaiting for us!’ she dashed out.
‘You are embarrassed!!!’ I laughed as I ran after her.
‘I am not!!!’ she screamed down the hall way as I chased her. As we lined up for the food, a tall, dark brown eyes and hair, handsome guy walks from far then nearer and nearer towards us, I was stunned while Marie shows no expressions as she sighs. He stood in front of us and smiled, but I quickly ignored him and I quickly walked front as the line went further front. As we got our food, we walked towards our seat, while we were walking, my classmates quickly rush towards us, ‘You are so lucky,’they squealed. ‘Huh?’ I gave them a puzzled face, ‘What you mean?’ They turn to the direction in front of us and squealed even louder, I looked in front and saw the guy who was smiling at us just now, ‘Oh oh,’ Marie said with a disappointing face as the first ‘oh’ sounds higher while the second one sounds lower. He stood in front of us, ‘Yo,’ he said as he bend nearer towards me as he is taller than me about half a head, and he surprised me, he starts to bend closer slowly and he, practically, kissed me. I gasped and I pushed him away, ‘What did you do that for?!’ I complained angrily. ‘Have you forgotten about me? I am your boyfriend, John,’ he smirked a little. ‘WHAT?!’ I screamed.

‘You’ve been in comma and you may have amnesia so you probably don’t remember him,’ one of classmates said. ‘You are so lucky,’ the other one said with an envy tone.
Despite all that, my face is still looks puzzled. He walked next to me and put his hands above my shoulders and he kissed my cheek, ‘I will make you remember,’ but I pushed him away and walk away. The bell rang again and we all went back to out respective classes until the last bell of the day rang again. The teacher dismisses us and I began to pack my things. Suddenly, a dark tall figure was standing at the door. I looked at the door, I let out a big disappointment, he walked towards me, ‘What do you want?’ I asked with an irritated voice. ‘I am here to walk you home, like I always do after school,’ ‘Liar, as if it happened before,’

‘You had coma for about a month, it’s no big surprise if you had amnesia and you forgotten about me,’ ‘Liar,’ I denied repeatly. He hugged me tightly while I wasn’t paying much attention. He waited for me patiently as I packed my bag while I was annoyed. As soon as I zipped my bag, he grabbed my hand and ran down the stairs, out the school. ‘WAIT!!!’ I screamed but it was useless. We kept on running for a few kilometres and we reached in front of a set of stairs. ‘Let’s go up and have dinner there!’ he said brightly and dragged me up before I could even say anything. We were seated near the window. I looked around the small restaurant, it looks creepy, it looks like a victorian home, with a few masquerade masks. After we order something to eat, I immediately question him, angrily, ‘Why did you drag me here?’ He answered me calmly, ‘Do you remember something? We came here about twice the last time. ‘Huh?’ I gasped and I tried to remember but I can’t, my head started hurting and I start to grasp my head, ‘Ouch…’ My visions starts to get blurry, and my energy starts to get weaker. At last, I fainted.

Ahhh… My head is hurting… I slowly open my eyes. Ahhh… Its cold… I saw a light in front and I slowly begin to stand up. I walked towards the light. As I stood closer to the light, it shone brightly, it hurts my eyes. Suddenly, the light was slowly gone and I begin to open my eyes again. Where am I ? It looks like a hexagon-like room. A tea room? Suddenly, there was a girl sitting in front of me, on a chair, drinking her tea like a lady. Her hair was tied two ponytails and she is wearing a white colour gothic-like dress. She slowly opens her eyes as she gently puts down her tea. I gasped, her eyes are pale red. While I was wondering what will her eyes look like when it is bright red, she spoke to me, ‘Welcome again,’ ‘Who are you? What you meant by ‘again’?’

‘I am Maria, Maria Castligon, the Owner of this shop,’
‘Ni-nice to meet you,’
‘Lacie, you might have not remember everything,’ she giggles, ‘but they will come back soon one day,’ she smiles. ‘Did I came here before? How do you know my name’
‘Fate will cross it’s path here once again,’ she looks at me gently, ‘when the time is right,’ her face turns serious and scary. ‘I… I… can’t remember anything,’ I fell down on my knees, ‘What was it that I have to remember? What was it that I have forgotten?’ I cried out. ‘Huhuhuhu…’ she gave out a slight cruel laugh, ‘What one have forgotten will come back one day, it’s just a matter of time, it’s either soon or never.’ ‘I am not sure,’

‘Your heart must not waver, if it ever happens, tragedy will happen,’ ‘Huh? Tra-tradgedy?’
She walked closer towards me and place her hands gently, on my face. Her hands was as cold as ice. ‘Do not fear but take a word of advice, you must not waver at any means or cost and follow your heart,’ ‘I… I…’

‘Now, begone, you have somewhere to visit,’ she pulls me up on my feet, ‘Every riddle has it’s answer,’ ‘Farewell, we will meet again soon,’ she pushed me to the wall. I thought, this time I thought my face was going be slammed on the wall but instead of that, I passed through the wall. Suddenly, an urge of memories flow through my head.

‘Hahahaha, your so clumsy,’ I laughed. As he accidentally dropped his ice cream on the floor.

I gasped, this guy was similar to John but he isn’t John.

‘How dare you laugh at me!’ he got a little mad as I teased him, while I was licking my ice cream, he grabbed my hand and bite my ice cream, ‘Revenge!’ he winked at me, ‘Hey!!!’
‘Arghh, cold, cold, cold,’
‘Hahaha, serve you right,’ I laughed again,’What a funny boyfriend,’

Huh? Boyfriend? I thought they say it was John … What is going on? Suddenly, a voice called out.

‘Mercury!’ a shoulder length hair girl called out.
‘What is it, Rieni?’
‘I… Remember that we have class duties?’
‘Huh? We have? Your lying, I remember I have class duties on Thursdays but today is a Tuesday,’ ‘I… I… But I…’
‘Sorry but Lacie and I are going on a date so, bye!’ he grabbed my hand and ran, as I turned around , I can see that she is glaring at me. A seriously hateful glare.

Wh-what was that? Mercury? Rieni? What?
I suddenly began to fall into a hole. I screamed. I opened my eyes, and I found myself in the hospital and John is sitting there, next to the hospital bed. What is going on? What exactly happened? Who is Mercury? Where is this fate leading to exactly?!

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