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Favorite Activities Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

First year students often don’t have to learn too much and have a lot of free time. I don’t know how other students like me spend their free time, but I prefer doing my favourite activities. My time table is full in all the afternoon from Monday to Friday, so I only have free time in the morning and the evening. At that time, after doing my homework, I like listening to music. I especially love Westlife. And I often watch some music shows like American ‘s idol or The Voice and so on. One of the things I like best is film. I watch many American films and Korean films. I can watch a film through 10 hours if I have time. I know that it isn’t good for my eyes and my health, so I rarely do it, only when I’m really bored or don’t want to do anything else. Another of my hobby is playing computer games.

The one I like most is lines 98. Ocassionally, I borrow comics to read. Among all the comics that I have read, Detective Conan is the one that I read over and over again. I spend most of my free time indoors, but sometimes, I go out with my friends. We visit some famous places in Ha Noi, such as Ho Guom lake, Thu Le zoo, The temple of literature. At weekend, we visit our old friends, try some food that is well-known in Ha Noi together. Those are things I like doing in my leisure. Although they are my hobbies, but sometimes, I think I waste too much time for them. Do you think like me? Thanks for listening.

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