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One of the coolest things about of having kids is dressing your children in clothes that are stylish, one of a kind, and high quality, with a price tag you can afford. Gymboree has been the most attractive brand for my children and can become quite addicting. Professionalism, promotions, sales, quality, and the trendy lines, and the highest resale value are the greatest benefits to the famous clothing line. Gymboree

Gymboree history started with the founding of Gymboree Play & Music in 1976, one of the longest lasting companies in its field. Gymboree started in the apparel business with designing and creating unique children’s clothing items. “Gymboree has been dressing children since 1986. The brand’s fashionable clothing and accessories are created to celebrate kids being kids in unique head-to-toe looks. Available in sizes newborn to 10 years, Gymboree clothing is designed with colorful, high-quality fabrics and detailed touches throughout. Gymboree currently operates 631 stores in the U.S. and Canada and we continue to expand internationally. You can also visit us anytime from everywhere at (“Gymboree Our Company”, 2015). Gymboree is a very reputable company that stands by their products, this one reason I am passionate about the brand. Customer service is another passion of mine. Gymboree goes above and beyond what most people expect. Another key passion of mine is professionalism. Professionalism is important to this company.

Another passion of mine is quality, and Gymboree sells quality products. The shirts are double stitched, creating strong durability for multiples washes. The clothing is released in themed lines, and the company is very creative with never ending ideas year after year. They keep up with modern trends, classic trends, and a style unique to the company. The lines are very trendy with, whimsy, animal, floral, seasonal, sports, and other creations that are sure to sell. , Naming the lines/collections is a excellent way for consumers to identify the lines and in return creates more eye to detail. Gymboree has changes their theme lines of clothing every 3-5 weeks with constant sales and promotions, the brilliance of attracting and keeping buyers hooked. This also helps the resell value of item when listed or resold on Ebay. Gymboree Marketing

Marketing is essential to all companies success. Gymboree offers Gymbucks, which almost guarantees their customers to come back for redemption of Gymbucks. Gymbucks are a promotion, where every $50.00 you spend you get a Gymbucks good for $25.00 off your next purchase to use during Gymbucks days. Typically two months after earning Gymbucks you can redeem the the promotion. The other brilliant way this promotion works is the more money you spend the more Gymbucks you earn to use at a later date (“The Gymboree Corporation”, 2015). Typically, there is another sale going on during the time to earn Gymbucks there are other sales going on such as 20% off the entire store. The sales can be incredible and you are earning free money for the future. The Gymboree website has a newsletter that informs buyers of special such as sales and promotions (“The Gymboree Corporation”, 2015).

This allows consumers to stay current on possible items he or she may want to purchase. Gymboree also offers consumers a store Visa card that offers promotions such as discounts on the first Tuesday of the month for cardholders only and many times you earn cash back by using the credit card. Gymboree is successful in building loyal customer relationships across many different types of groups. The company offers reliable and cost affordable clothing items, and that helps close the gap between groups of various socioeconomic groups. By providing clothes that are affordable it can target many different age groups, as well as different economic status levels. Gymboree operates under three brands Crazy 8, Janie & Jack and Gymboree (“The Gymboree Corporation”, 2015). Janie is higher end children’s clothing than Gymboree and crazy 8 is discounted apparel.

So the company targets three different levels of consumers from discount clothing to high-end clothing. Gymboree’s two main competitors are Carters and Children’s Place. Carters – Established in 1865 has grown to be one of the largest brand marketer of apparel for newborns to age 7. They are also leading brand in newborn to age 12. Carter’s has more than 300 stores and more than 175 outlet stores. Carters seem to be priced more and hold up other then fading (“The Carter’s Story”, 2015). Children’s place also sells high quality items and value prices with more than 1,000 stores and more than 60 inter nation locations (Interactive Data Management Solutions, 2015). Conclusion

Design, quality and customer service is what has made Gymboree such a success for decades. The Gymboree Corporation has three retail brands to help meet each consumer’s needs and expectations. The brand provides good quality and unique items for its customers, and focuses on providing each consumer exceptional customer service. Gymboree strives to ensure the best offer the best possible services to dress each and every child.


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