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All the seasons of the year have special qualities, but winter is without a doubt my favorite season. One of the reasons i enjoy winter is because of the beautiful snow and all the activities you can do with it. Another reason why I love winter is because my family loves making the best of the holidays, bringing such happiness between everyone in my family. Winter break is a great time for me to get away from reality for some time and to enjoy life.

The firsts snow fall of the year is when the winter season really starts for me. Growing up i’ve always loved being in the snow; whether it was sleigh riding, skiing, or having a snowball fight with my friends. I began skiing at the age of two, attached to a leash held by my dad to support me. I’ve always enjoyed skiing and i still do to this day. My uncle owns a house in Stratton, Vermont, and during the winter my family and I all go up to the ski house to enjoy the fresh powder in the mountains. My cousins and I ski all day taking every bit of energy we have. At the end of the day we will go back to the lodge where our family is sitting, which is regularly at the bar. So I would sit up at the bar with my cousins and have a sweet cup of hot chocolate with a New England clam chowder in a bread bowl; it is a weird mix, but it was the best thing to have after a long day of skiing. I love going up to my uncles house and skiing with my cousins. This year opening day of skiing at Stratton is thanksgiving day and that is where my family will be celebrating turkey day and i can’t wait.

The main reason I love winter so much is because of the holidays that are presented in this season. The first holiday of winter is Christmas in my family. I love waking up christmas morning and running down to the tree like i’m a kid again. After my family and i have exchange gifts, we will annually go to my grandparents house in long island, where the whole Tonyes family comes together for the holiday. Christmas is basic in my family, but when it comes to New Years Eve, things get out of control. Always having a themed New Years party, whether its being funny hats or ugly sweaters, and there is many more. This past New Years with my family was held at my uncles house in Puerto Rico. The theme was an all white party and it was the best New Years of my life. I love being with my family and being able to enjoy the holidays with them is always pleasant. This year New years will be in Vermont and i cant wait see my family and have a great time with my cousins.

After January winter tends to carry on with cold weather and that is my only dislike about the wonderful season. There are so many activities that can be done in the winter and more people should take advantage of them because if you don’t it may be a long tedious winter! I don’t get to see my family that often so when we see each other in the winter we do everything together. Winter reminds me of my family and that is why it is my favorite season. Im looking forward for the upcoming winter season, it should be a good one!

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