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It has come to my attention in recent times, In light of the Lindt Café siege, the Impact of Racism against other Australians, in particular those in Australia of the Muslim faith. You see Mr Editor, We are dealing with an epidemic on two fronts, Firstly there is the very real fear of Terrorism in Australian and abroad, However more subtly we are dealing with a plague of racial abuse towards innocent Muslim Australians, who may I add, condemn Terrorism as much as the next white man does. Yet due to the prejudices of the Australian white culture there appears to be a fear of Impending doom if we continue to allow Muslims to be Muslim. Recently in southern Queensland we have seen a state MP introduce a bill to ban Mosques. It is as if there is an uneducated fear of difference in Religious belief. I believe you would recall Australian Author, Kate Grenville’s book The lieutenant? Which you reviewed two papers previous. After your astounding recommendation to read this book I, Mr Editor personally took the time out of a lovely warm Sunday afternoon to myself read the story of Daniel Rooke.

It made me think, which doesn’t happen too often these days in my older years, but It did make me think about injustice, It appears that those who deem themselves as superior have historically suppressed those who are ‘Different to them’. The unfamiliarity of a dark colour of skin or a different regard for how Land is owned appears to condemn these people to a life of perpetual discrimination and conflict, both actual physical and internal. On the topic of the Lieutenant, I believe you will remember various scenes in which Grenville has explored these ideas. Initially we are faced with the idea of ‘Black’ slavery and the morals surrounding the degradation of the humanity the African slaves (people) hold. Secondly we witness the destruction of the Indigenous Australian’s Livelihoods; Kidnappings, killings and disregard for their different way of life. I think it is evident Grenville is sending us a message, We are shown the different relations that the protagonist Rooke has with the Indigenous Australians because he in intrigued by differences and how he can better himself from it but also Rooke is able to recognise that they’re Humans.

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