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Today, heavy rain is still a big problem on us. Specially those poor people that has hole in their roof and connot buy sealant to cover it. So, I think a solution to that problem and I want to make the styrofoam a sealant.This is why I study about the styrofoam.To make the styrofoam a sealant, the researcher must have gasoline to melt the styrofoam and the styrofoam. The researcher must put the gasoline on the can and you also put the styrofoam on it and stir it in a few seconds. After the researcher stir it, the researcher are now ready to put the sealant on the roof. As the result, when it is dried under the sun, it is durable and I observe that greater the diameter the longer time to dry it. And I therefore conclude that the styrifoam can be a sealant by using gasoline.


First of all, I’d like to thank our lord for guiding me in making my study. I also thank my parents for the source of my materials and my financial support. I also like to thank my classmates for helping me on my blog. And I also want to thank my teacher, maam Granido, for teaching me on how to do my study.

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