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The company ‘VirtualRevolution’ employs around 50-60 staff, of which are mainly office and distribution based. All of the company’s information such as products, stock, sales, customer details and employee details are kept via paper. The sales department spend most of their time either phoning potential buyers or walking the streets to try and advertise the product. Everything is done by pen and paper, including new customer details and also sharing

also sharing information with the public.

To identify problems with the current company setup and how to improve it, an analytical survey has been taken to find out employee’s opinions. Here are the question’s asked:

How could the current systems in place be improved?

Anonymous Responses:

* ‘It takes a long time to edit information when a mistake has been made’

* ‘I find it difficult to find records, especially when all of the filing cabinets are displaced all around the office’

* ‘I work in the Stock and Distribution department and it takes a long time to calculate figures, mostly when I find I have made a mistake and have to start again’

* ‘I spend a lot of my time on the telephone advertising the product, but unfortunately people aren’t too keen being phoned by a stranger, which wastes a lot of time’

What data do you currently store?

Employee info – Number, Forename, Surname, Salary, Tax, Total Salary.

Member info – Number, Title, Forename, Surname, Email address, House address, DOB, Year joined, Phone number.

Product orders – Order number, Unit cost, Quantity, Postage, Total, Colour, Address, Customer number, Console type.

Would it be useful to have information available from one of many computers in the office, rather than one set of folders?

Yes = 85% No = 15%

Would it be useful to have a searchable customer database?

Yes = 100% No = 0%

Would it be useful to have a system that could quickly create letters to groups of customers?

Yes = 70% No = 30%

Would it be useful to have access to up to date product information from different locations?

Yes = 90% No = 10%

Date output

Invoices are all created manually, which takes time. Staff must search through many filing cabinets to find the product orders of which are all paper based. This information has to then be typed out and sent in the post to the customer, which also costs a lot more money. During the search of information, the office can get very hectic, and can lead to mistakes, and even stress.

Comparable systems

After much deliberation with other similar companies, better operating systems have been found. The majority of which are computer based. Microsoft Excel can be used to create simple but accurate graphs and tables based on information inputted into a spreadsheet. Microsoft Word can be easily used to write to customers, instead of hand written or typewritten letters, for things such as Newsletters or invoices. These can also be adapted for each customer, so each letter doesn’t have to be manually written. Finally, Microsoft Access is a database software which can be used to store data on pretty much everything, and can be linked to Word for mail merge or to the company website.

Overall summary/Aims and requirements

* A better, more organised filing system that is easy to edit and find.

* A more sufficient calculating system which is easy to look back over, but also quick to input.

* An advertising system which takes out less of the employee’s time.

* A new database system which is easy for the staff and customers to use.

* Invest in new up to date software that is used on the computer.

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