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As we all know, the human body’s sexual responses have been explained and defined in many different ways. There are religious aspects and beliefs that in some cultures play a major role in a person’s sexual response. In the text Sexuality Today, we learn a lot about the male and female sexual response and how they are similar and different in some ways. I will be explaining the Masters and Johnson Four-Phase Model, and how they observed the sexual responses of the men and woman in their own lab. They noticed many similarities in responses between the two sexes.

The Master and Johnson Four-Phase model has four phases that both men and women go through to reach their sexual response. The first Phase is the Excitement Phase, where the body begins to show the signs of sexual arousal. Blood is routed to the pelvic region, resulting in the earliest signs of arousal, such as erection of the penis and clitoris and vaginal lubrication. The intensity of the body’s reaction to sexual arousal gradually builds to a higher level. This brings us to the second phase called the Plateau phase. This phase can be a major highlight of sexual response. It builds up tension, and it will eventually lead to having an orgasm, the third stage. The Orgasm phase only last for about a couple of seconds. After this phase, the body relaxes and returns to its normal state. These results in the last stage called the Resolution Phase, the relaxation phase (Human Sexual Arousal and Response, pg. 80-81). Individual Differences in Sexual Response

There are more physiological similarities than differences in the sexual responses of males and females. Both females and males experience pelvic vasocongestion and a general buildup of the muscular tension. Orgasm is very similar in both sexes, although it may not always be experienced. On average, males tend to reach orgasm more rapidly than females, but this may well be influenced by the kind of stimulation and by the individuals past learning. Many women respond with orgasm more quickly during masturbation than intercourse. It is unusual for women to respond almost as quickly as men during masturbation. Some women might even ejaculate semen like substance from their urethra at the time of orgasm, just like males. It has been hypothesized that Skene’s glands, located inside the urethra, might be similar to the male prostate (Sevely, 1987). The amount of time for completion of the entire cycle varies with learning, the sexual situation, the kind and intensity of stimulation, and age. An entire cycle from excitement through resolution may take only a few minutes or last several hours. Individual differences in a sexual response patterns make it all the more important for sexual partners to take time to learn about each other’s responsiveness. This also requires developing effective lines of communication about emotions, needs, and sex (Human Sexual arousal and Response, pg.82). Female Sexual Responses

Excitement Phase: In the female, the first sign of sexual arousal is often the lubrication of the vagina area, including the clitoris and the major and minor labia, and the darkening of the color of the vaginal walls. The clitoris swells and elongates. Plateau Phase: High levels of arousal are maintained. In the female, the orgasmic platform is caused by swelling of tissues in the outer third of the vagina, which causes the entrance to it to narrow. The clitoris reacts under its foreskin. The breasts become engorged with blood by this time, and nipple erection may be maintained. Muscular tension becomes to increase, along with heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure. The heart rate usually increases to between 110 and 175 beats per minute. Orgasm Phase: Orgasm is the release of sexual tension involving a total body response. The female physical response is marked by simultaneous rhythmic muscular contractions of the uterus, the outer third of the vagina, and the anal sphincter. Resolution Phase: The body returns to its normal state. As the blood leaves the pelvic region, the vagina returns to its usual size and color and the labia return to their prearoused state. The breast decrease in size as blood flow to their tissue decreases, and the nipples lose their erection. Drowsiness may occur, leading to sleep (Human Sexual Arousal and Response, pg.84-86). Male Sexual Response

Excitement Phase: Vasocongestion in the male leads to erection of the penis, the first physical sign of sexual arousal. The testes are lifted up in the scrotum as a result of the shortening of the spermatic cords and contraction of the scrotal sac. The scrotal tissue itself thickens. Plateau Phase: A generalized increase in neuromuscular tension is experienced in both males and females in this phase. In the male, the head of the penis increases slightly in size and deepens in color. The testes swell by 50 to 100 percent. The testes continue to elevate. A secretion from Cowper’s glands may appear at the tip of the penis and may carry live sperm. Orgasm Phase: Male orgasm and ejaculation occur in two distinct phases but are perceived as occurring simultaneously. The vas deferens, prostate, and the seminal vesicle begin a series of contractions that force the semen into the urethra. The contractions continue until the semen is ejaculated. Resolution Phase: After ejaculation, the male body begins to return to its normal state. About 50 percent of the penile erection is lost right away, and the remainder is lost over a longer period of time, depending on the degree of stimulation and nonsexual activity.

In conclusion, the male sexual responses compared to the women sexual response are very much alike with each phase they go through. I think, just because there are many similarities that people might try to judge sexuality as a whole. It is okay for women to ejaculate as well as men, but do you think that men will look at females different just because they can leak out semen like substance from their urethra? Females are very equal when to come to doing something or even dealing with bodily experiences. It doesn’t really impact me, as a female, that the sexual response of a female is very similar to males. I think it is very interesting to know what organs trigger inside of the human body when it comes to sexual activity and sexual arousal.

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