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Day by day women population as compared” to, men is decreasing. If the current trend continues, the day is not far when” men will find difficult to find partners for marriage.. Recently, a movie “Matribhumi’ presented the worst consequence of decreasing women population.

The only reason for decreasing women population is killing of girl fetus before birth. Owing to the advancement of science and technology and subsequent development of ultrasonic technique, it is very easy to know the sex of the fetus within few months of its formation, So that couples who do not want to have girl child abort the fetus. In other words, they get their child murdered in the womb. Although girl feticide is illegal ill India and culprits can get several years of punishment if found guilty, it is very difficult to prove. The two parties, the doctor and the couple, involved in the crime find it mutually beneficial. None of them complain and realize that it is a very heinous crime even more heinous than ‘murder because it can create imbalance in nature, it has potential to destroy humanity.

Effects of Female Foeticide On Society
Even we claim ourselves very modem we are still very backward. Girls are still considered liability in India. Parents still prefer a boy than a girl. In majority of families, boys are given better treatment than girls. Boys receive better education. This trend can be seen in every class. The rich and the poor behave similarly in this case. Though it was believed that in educated family’s girls are treated once par with boys and the girl feticide is uncommon among them. But a recent survey which was conducted in South US, an area of US where upper middle class and upper class live, showed that cases of girl feticide, is higher than any other areas of US.

So, this problem cannot be sorted out by education or better economic condition only. It requires awareness because it is embedded deep in our psyche. We still believe that only sons carry our genes, in other words our Khandan can only be carried by boys. This type of orthodox mentality can be countered only by proper awareness.

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