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Good morning everybody. My name is Lavitsef. I’m here today to invite you to go on the most colorful and eventful journey that you’ll ever make in your life. A journey with Slavitsef to Festivals!

But first, I wanna give you some basic information about festivals. A festival is simply a day or period of the year when people stop working to celebrate a special event. In general, there are 3 major types of festivals: national festivals such as Mexican Independence Day Festival, religious feasts like Easter or Passover and and art festivals like Cannes film or Woodstock rock festivals. You all understand what is a festival right? So let’s get started. Our first destination is Antarctica with a unique music festival called Icestock which is held annually in January in McMurdo Station with a message that never is there a shortage of music in Antarctica and the heat is inside the heart of each explorer. Say goodbye to Antarctica, let’s go to a warmer continent: Europe. Among the most amazing festivals is Oktoberfest where beer is on reign. Oktoberfest is regarded as the world’s largest funfair festival lasting for 16 days in Germany with the participation of 6 million people every year.

Now we’re going to America to enjoy a sacred and scary festival in Mexico known as Day of the Dead whose purpose is to commemorate and pray for friends and family members who have passed away. What about Asia? Do you hunger for such beautiful and significant events as Pingxi Lantern festival in Taiwan? In the festival, we have the chance to witness thousands of sky lanterns light over the whole district with a view to warding off evil and disease from the town. Now let’s visit the wildest continent with the wildest festivals like Gerewol in Nigeria, which is renowned for the way young Mbororo men decorate themselves with jewellery in search of a female partner. So we’ve just ended our visit to all continents on Earth.

Do you wonder why these celebrations are so important and drive people so crazy? This is because festivals play an irreplaceable role in every culture and is the cream of each civilization. Festivals are a time for people to meet and have fun together, which helps strengthen solidarity and harmony in a community. Festivals also provide us with an opportunity to have a better understanding of where we belong to. In modern times, under the influence of globalization, festivals act as a means of promoting  cultural identity to other parts of the world and hence, can give a big hand in economic development.

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