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It is very critical to decide on what type of pathway works best for your cable installations. It all depends on the type of building and also how much you will want to spend. Steel conduit provides the most protection when it comes to EMI. Its closed structure provides protection from physical damage as well. The negative effect that steel conduit has is that it is the most expensive to install, not just the steel itself, but labor as well. And because it is steel it is very difficult to remove and relocate. Cable trays are easier to install, and even much easier to add more cable installations in the future. The negative thing about cable trays is that it gives easier access for physical damage to the cable.

Between the direct burial, aerial and blown installations of fiber optics, a business must first think about if they need any future fiber upgrades. The direct burial installation of fiber would be a great choice if the pathway to the locations is covered with rocks trees and roads. The fiber needed in this installation is a very tough fiber cable, in order to withstand the elements of the outside. Blown through cable installation is used by blowing the fiber through plastic tubes with a gas compressor in order to pass the fibers to the other side. This installation is the most expensive due to the installation needed much more special equipment to install the fiber. Using fire resistant cables is very important in fiber installations; by using plenum rated fiber cables the risk of toxic fumes decrease. They are different cables of fiber including OFCR, OFNG, and OFNR rated fiber cables.


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