Fiction and Devilish Woman Epithet Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

This is a story about woman that told by author, who is also main character in the story. It’s about relationship between them and about relationship between the woman and her husbands, daughter. Setting of the story

Enigmatic, gloomy, sarcastic

Complication | The story has dynamic complication. In the beginning of story Louise is alone, but during the story she outlived 2 husbands. | Climax| The conversation between author and Louise about marrying Louise’s daughter. In that conversation she allowed her daughter to merry to author’s friend. But also she said such thing would kill her. Denouement

The story ends with the Louisa’s death.|

Tropes or special devices used by the author to emphasize the artistic effect| the face behind the mask – metaphor, describes that person is lying or pretending or hiding the true nature;weak heart – epithet, shows that Louise has problems with heart;to hang on thread – metaphor (idiom), to be in very bad condition, to be at risk; to do everything in the world for Louise – hyperbole, to show Tom Maitland’s love to Louise;they would not let her stir a finger – hyperbole, to show the care about someone;to lead her to the altar – metaphor, means to merry to a woman; devilish woman – epithet, to show the negative character of woman; The message of the story

Perhaps, the message of the story is egoism. How people wear the masks and act just only for themselves. Selfish people ready to do everything to make their lives comfortable and they don’t care about other people. Even some of them ready to die for proving their truth. The goal of the author| To teach the readers recognizing selfish people. Giving an example that a lie can be a good tool in their hands. He informs us how people hide their cruel hearts under gentle smile and weakness.

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