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The fifteen streets, by Catherine Cookson Essay Sample

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The fifteen streets, by Catherine Cookson Essay Sample

We looked at two contrasting scenes from The Fifteen Streets and these were Act 2 Scene 1 and Scene 14, page 42. Act 2 Scene 1 was the scene at the Llywellen’s house with James, Beatrice and Mary. This scene took place in their drawing room and the whole scene was about Beatrice’s dislike for Mary’s affair with John O’Brien. Beatrice is very with Mary over her relationship with John and she’s not even disturbed by the presence of James although at the start of the scene, we see that she’s a bit distracted by James.

This was when James said; “Beatrice leave this to me” and we see her reply in a very angry tone of voice; “Too much has been left to you and now look at the outcome” but this didn’t stop her from doing what she wanted to do. This particular scene is more or less a quarrel scene as it was an exchange of words or in other words a “word-to-word” scene. We see Beatrice speak and is straight away answered back by Mary. James isn’t heard that much at the beginning but is fully heard towards the end of the scene but Beatrice storming out of the room doesn’t appreciate his immediate interference.

In actual fact, we can see that, Beatrice doesn’t like the O’Brien family and this can clearly be seen in her statement; ” I don’t believe that with your liberal tastes you could sink so low associating with a notorious -” Scene 14,Page 42 is also the scene at the O’Brien’s’ house with John and Mary-Ellen where Mary-Ellen is asleep in the kitchen and John comes in with a bagful of things which he received from Miss Llywellen after bumping into her in the market and his arrival is known by Mary-Ellen who then wakes from her sleep and calls him and there and then, they start to have a conversation about the things John has brought home.

And actually, Mary-Ellen is surprised and shocked about John meeting Miss Llywellen and why she gave him the things and we can see it in her speech; “Miss Llywellen? Did you now? ” and also thought John had had a drink; “Oh John,you’ve never had a drink. ” Looking at the two scenes, their attitudes regarding John and Mary’s relationship is very different.

For the first scene, Beatrice totally disagrees with their relationship and John also looked a bit in favour of their relationship and really against their relationship while for the second scene, Mary-Ellen is shocked at it, is all right with it and somehow dislikes it and also thinks John will have more chance with the girl next door; “John, you’d have more chance with the stick next door” in this case referring to Christine Bracken. And to show some of these things, we used facial expressions, tone of voice, gesture and posture.

We also made the scenes look different from each other considering the use of costumes and props, furniture, use of space, lighting and the stage plan because when it comes to financial problems, the two families are different. We didn’t find any difficulties portraying the characters in order to show class differences. This was because we were shown or we had seen the two families in the film and straight away we knew which family it was. We made adequate use of voice,gesture and facial expressions. Our use of props/costumes also helped us in portraying the social differences between the two families.

Considering the use of movement to show the relationships,we a little problem because for the first scene we didn’t know whether to put James close or further from Mary and this gave us a little bit problem but I though we should’ve put him close to Mary because of the tone of voice in which he spoke to Mary but we made the distance between Beatrice and Mary a little bit close because they were angry at each other because people are quirt close when they’re having a quarrel and for the second one,we made John very close to Mary-Ellen because they liked each other and also there wasn’t any bit of the scene where they got angry at each other.

On the whole,I think we’ve done very well and also taken a step further in our knowledge of the play and all the characters and the social differences as well. The other groups in my opinion have also done very well as they clearly showed that, they can use all the drama mediums to portray a character and also shown they really have a good knowledge of the play. This is the final scene in which Nancy is introduced.

We see the attitudes of the O’Brien family towards her. John is alright with her presence but doesn’t know why she frequently and Dominic who comes in later is trying to tease her but Mary-Ellen sends her home and Shane also storms out of the room earlier on. Creating the character of Nancy was easy because we all saw in the video how she spoke,acted like an 8 year old and her facial expressions.

Actually it was a bit difficult but. The attitudes of the other characters towards her were different. We made her sit close to Mary-Ellen,John and Dominic but far from Shane,these attitudes can be seen in their speeches; “no! Never, she’s bloody imbecile man! ” said Shane and John, “you look very nice today Nancy

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