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Filipino people are religious human being. We usually seek for guidance from our Lord in every decision we will made so in relation to that our teacher decided to have a speaker that can motivate us spiritually, emotionally and to enlighten us by a word of god.

Fr. Joel Eslabra was the 1st invited speaker. He is a priest who is willing to share the word of God and also can give us inspiration. Fr. Joel starts his discussion with an inspirational lecture about the word of god presented in a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint is very captivating which give me more reason to listen attentively to him. He delivers his discussion in a little funny and intelligent way that’s why I really enjoy his discussion. Videos or clips where also shown to us by Fr. Joel. These where videos about the proper speaking or talking, to be respectful, have faith and giving trust to god. He also told us some story about a mountain climber who climb in the mountain in the middle of the night and fell off the clip. The mountain climber seeks for help to god and god answer that he must let go. The mountain climber did not obey god but instead he continue hanging on. Morning came the mountain climber found out that he is inches away from the ground. The story taught us a lesson that even though we believe in god; we didn’t give all trust to him.

Father Joel does not teach us but also he made us enjoy and make us believe that god will always be our side. Believing to god is not enough as father has said but we must also trust and have faith to him no matter what happen. As a whole, I really enjoy and I have learned a lot from Fr. Joel. I was really thankful that he was one of our speaker.


A student who graduated in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology was expected to have a work in a Technology related company but nowadays the most common work of these graduates is to be a call center agent. There are many Call Center Company here in Iloilo so as we graduated; we have also so many opportunities. In preparation for that our teacher invites a speaker who works as call center agent to share to us the basic things about “CALL HANDLING” and some experience being a call center agent.

Ms. Xylena Joy E. Ramirez a manger in a call center company called “CALLBOX” was our beloved speaker. She was the perfect fit for these topic which aims to enhance our speaking ability and some telephone ethics. Our guest speaker starts her discussion with a warm up activity. She let each of us draw our own version of pig. After that, every angle, position, size and parts of our pig has a meaning which reflects to our personality. She also gives some examples on how to speak and answer properly on the phone. I was amaze with her speaking ability and her accent. She shares also her experience on some foreigners he talked with. Some of the foreigners are so hard to talk to because of their attitude but she handles it coolly and with respect. Activity was given to us by our speaker; it is all about scenario where there is a caller, a person who will look to and a person who will answer the call but before that she group us into two groups each group should have 3 representatives to portray each role. On that activity our speaker saw some potential to be a call center agent.

We have learned a lot from our speaker. At least from now, we know which of us have potential to be a call center agent and also we had added up some knowledge on what we know on that particular topic. Over all it was great discussion and it can really help us in the near future.


On a corporate world there is always a right thing to do. Right dress code, right posture, right words and all right to be called a good employer to your employee. Even on a job interview we always practice all these rights to impress the interviewer at least with just a look on you they can say that you have credibility and you are fit on the job you are applying.

In preparation for the corporate world, we must develop our personality to have confidence. Mr. Jose M. Lucero our guest speaker will talk all about corporate world. He taught us all about the rights I mention in a step by step way. He taught us how to sit properly, speak properly, walk properly and shake hands properly. He let us walk and sit properly. He also taught us how to tie a necktie.

All in all, I was really grateful at least I can say that I am prepared whatever I will face on the coming years on the corporate world where my future is.


Students study hard in preparation for the future but as the student graduated, do they are really prepared for so called CORPORATE WORLD? All the preparation will be wasted if you are not prepared on what you will encounter when you are in the real world or in the industry.

Miss Susan Masculino our teacher and now our beloved speaker for the corporate Ethics. She starts her discussion with some recap on what our previous speaker has talked about. Videos were prepared by her to be the tool for learning. She prepared also some topics that she will be discussing like proper dress to wear in an interview, tips on how to pass an interview, things to do before an interview and right things to do when you are in an interview. There are also some tips on how to boost our confidence when we face an interviewer.

All that she prepared for us was very useful for the incoming years at least we have some knowledge or ideas what will happen on the near future. Some experience of her was shared also to us. I have a great time listening to her. It also adds up my confidence to face the said “CORPORATE WORLD”.

These series of seminar was really a preparation for us in the near future. Every topic that was discussed by our speaker fit in our mind. I was really thankful that I attended these series of seminar at least I have now some new ideas on what I will go through on some years that will come.

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