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Introduction of TOPIC

The fictional film “Ghost” directed by Jerry Zucker is an unusual kind of love story and is very unique. It is about two people, Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen, who are deeply in love with each other but later parted by an accident. Sam was shot by a hired killer and his ghost is seeking justice for his death. He never left Molly’s side, he guides and protects her in every way he can. That’s when he came to know the truth about his best friend, Carl Bruner, who was secretly in love with Molly. Carl tried to seduce her, wanting both Sam’s money and his girl. Sam discovered his best friend’s hidden agenda and he became furious and paranoid. He asked help with a psychic named Oda Mae, she’s the one who warned Molly about the danger. At first, she never believed her, until one time Sam proved himself that he is around by lifting a penny and placed it on her hands. Carl suspected that something is going on, in order to cover up his intentions; he planned to kill Molly and Oda Mae.

Carl went to the house, prepared to murder the two. With the help of Sam, he is unable to

hurt them both and he ended up being the one who was killed by the shattered glass window that poked through his body and died. Carl’s soul was dragged by the bad spirits into the darkness. When Sam is about to ascend in heaven, Molly had a chance to see him and hear his voice. Before he leaves, he kissed Molly and they were both happy in the end, contented with the love they shared and it will remain in their hearts forever. The characters and the actors who played it did very well. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore have chemistry and they are able to shift themselves to the story. You can feel the intense emotion and it touches our hearts. The supporting characters also exhibit their personas. The theme of the movie is romantic fantasy; it is perfect for the viewer’s taste because it has a different twist.

The setting is fine; you can feel the New York City vibe, the beautiful lights and the busy people, the streets, and the artistic studio where Molly is creating her artworks and masterpiece. The cinematography is effective, everything went well. From the dim lights and the vibrant colors that is appropriate to the mood. “Unchained Melody” is the movie soundtrack, a 1955 song by The Righteous Brothers, its melody is very soothing and the lyrics are great. When I first heard the song, I was touched, it makes you fall in love. The special effects of the movie are kind of not realistic, but I’m not expecting much because it’s an old film, way back in 1990. Technology in those years is not as much high and efficient like now. The symbolism of the movie is the heaven and hell; the battle of good and evil. Another one is the love that was showcased in the film which is pure.

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