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“Tulak” is a movie about drugs, how to recover from it and what effects will happend in our body. For me this movie was good. I would recommend to watch it to those who are using and addicted to drugs. There is always a reason behind a person using drugs. Some people just used it for fun, used it to avoid there problem, used it to escape reality, used it because they are afraid to face the truth of the world. “Tikboy” the main character of the movie was trying to recover from his drug addiction but it needs lots of effort to recover. He is a good person and know what’s right. Once you try drugs it’s hard to recover from it so better not to try drugs. Drugs are also dangerous to our health, even though it gives us satisfaction once you overused it, it can destroy our body.

We should also be aware of the people we know. Friendship is important, so we need to correct our friends mistakes. Drugs are just wants not needs. We need to let the world know that illegal drugs are dangerous. We should also stop selling illegal drugs. The story of Tikboy’s life was sad and scary. The government should also be stricter about drugs and find those people who use illegal drugs. The title of the movie is also good cause for me it means we need to push ourselves harder so we can overcome this addiction, same as what Tikboy did after he knew that drugs just ruined his life and starts to recover from it.

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