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Introduction of TOPIC

The current networking system of Dolet Hills Lignite Company relies heavily on the technologies and systems of CISCO and Microsoft, two of the leading hard- and software companies, respectively, worldwide. With Dolet’s just 200 employees, the current networking system is more than enough to handle its basic needs such as communication (email and internet access) and data exchange between its different units either in the same or different buildings or offices.

The current system’s three main strengths are:

  1. Reliable equipment and software

Both CISCO and Microsoft have been in the information technology industry for over two decades. Needless to say, their technologies and products have been crafted with and backed by years of extensive studies and knowledge base.

  1. Stable Operating Systems

Majority of the company’s computers run on Microsoft’s Windows XP, which through continuous updates available on the internet have become more stable and secured than any other operating systems in the market.

  1. Fast connection and access

With the combination of the above equipment and operating systems, it is expected that the networking system provides fast PC-to-PC and internet connections and data access.

On the other hand, the company’s networking system has the following three main weaknesses:

    i>Expensive Both CISCO’s and Microsoft’s products are

among the most expensive in the market since both companies invest vastly on their product research and development.

  1. Varied Operating Systems

The company’s computers run on different platforms or operating systems, e.g. Windows 2003, XP, and Vista, which makes maintenance and support more difficult.

  1. Insufficient number of routers and switches

There are only two servers available to the company’s four separate buildings and offices. Connection speed and access may not be as fast as it should be.

      In order to address the above weaknesses, the company is encouraged to switch to alternative and cheaper equipment suppliers like 3com, Juniper, and Norfel. These companies offer the same complete lines of networking equipment and systems as Cisco at about 50% less of the cost.

These companies also offer the same support that Cisco gives to its clients such as 24-hour on-line support. It is also recommended that the company switch to uniform Operating Systems. Since Windows XP will soon be phased out, Microsoft will not offer anymore support for this OS. Right now, the best option is Windows Vista, which is now constantly being updated and improved by Microsoft.

Uniformity in the OS will make maintenance and support from system administrators easier and faster. Windows Vista also offers faster data processing. Another recommendation is to double the number of routers and switches. Ideally, there must be one server per building. This will make connections and data processing faster. With the above-mentioned recommendations, the company will be able to generate more business since its system can handle tasks faster. Communication between units will be faster and more secured, thus, decision making will also be faster.



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