Finance Essays


Sources of Finance

For the following items below, decide which form of external finance is suitable and why? (You may have to decide between more than one, evaluate the best solution) Item: 1. An unexpected bill for repair of machinery. It must be

Advance Professional Development

A finance company Finance 4 U management feels the lack of interest of their in their personal and professional skills development. The management is looking for a comprehensive Personal Development Plan (PDP) in terms of personal, professional and career development

Financial Methods of Motivation

Financial Methods of Motivation Money, and the way it is paid, can affect motivation to work. These are the basic Financial Methods of Motivation. Salary Salary is the fixed compensation or consideration paid, or stipulated to be paid, to a

Financial Model to Help Organise the Year Eleven Prom

Introduction Every year, the Chafford School has a school prom. This year however, the Prom committee has decided that that they want the cheapest and most efficient hall, catering, decorations and music (a D.J) from previous years. Nevertheless they have

Examine The Main Trends in The UK Public Finances

Public finances are mainly comprised of spending in the public sector, taxation, income and debt plus borrowing. The UK public finances have hit a major deficit and according to the Telegraph, they have hit their “worst state in 15 years”

Overtrading: Finance and Capital

Overtrading means a situation of operating a business with insufficient long term capital to support the current volume of business. A situation in which a company is growing its sales faster than it can finance them. Overtrading often occurs when

Payback Period

Payback periods are commonly used to evaluate proposed investments. The payback period is the amount of time required for the firm to recover its initial investment in a project, as calculated from cash inflows. In the case of an annuity,

Banking Industry

The aim of this course is to give the student an overview of banking industry and prepare him for various roles in the banking sector. MBA 410 Credit Units: 03 Course Contents: Module I: Principles of Banking Retail Banking, Savings

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