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My first couple of semesters at ________________ in City & State here were a bit rushed considering my family’s situation after I graduated high school. I tried my hardest to gain transportation to and from school every day and it always seemed to fall through. If it wasn’t for my extenuating circumstance here, I would’ve walked everyday to my classes. FAFSA really helped me to buy the supplies I needed for classes such as books and required materials, but I still had no means of transportation. Due to my circumstances, my grades took major hits as my stress levels went up. I took all this time away from college to better myself. This semester I plan on taking online courses. I hope the grades I scored on my entrance tests I took for this semester will reflect that I have the ability to maintain high grades. Keys I’ve determined will help me in my success this semester include: Not overwhelming myself with too many course choices.

Managing my time for studying.
Seeking assistance to ensure achieving academic success.
Maintaining communication with my professors on a regular basis. Working to ensure I maintain a B average I understand now what is expected of me as a student and I expect the same qualities for myself. I do plan on eventually taking a couple of CLEP tests so I can begin tutoring sometime in the future at the college. Please reconsider my financial aid status and I will do what you ask of me academically

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