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Financial Planning (FP) Gandhian Philosophy for Managing Business (GPMB) Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research (CB&MR) Corporate Taxation & Financial Planning (CT&FP) Change Management and Organizational Development (CM&OD) Database Management (DM) Consumer Behaviour (CB) Strategic Financial Management (SFM) Change Management and Organizational Development (CM&OD) Database Management (DM) International Marketing (IM) Fundamentals of Banking & Insurance (FB&I) Rural Marketing (RM) Indian Business: Systems and Policy Formulation (IB-SPF) Social Enterprises – Agents of Change and Innovation

Important Instructions for Students appearing in above mentioned examinations 1. All the students are required to carry hall ticket with them issued by the university during exam time. 2. They must be in their respective examination hall 30 minutes before exam time failing which entry will not be permitted. 3. Any type of printed/hand written/typed material, Mobile phone, Pager or Programmable calculator, PDA or any other objectionable material which breaches the code of conduct of university and falls under unfair means is not allowed to carry in the examination hall. 4. They must bring their own instruments such as Scientific Calculator etc., to be used in the examination as its exchange will not be permitted under any circumstances during exam time.

l/C Controller of Examination Gujarat Technological University Copy to: 1. All Principals of MBA colleges affiliated to GTU for display on notice board and circulation in all departments of the college. 2. All sections of Gujarat Technological University 3. Commissionerate of Technical Education, Guiarat State for information

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