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What is the net income for the current fiscal year? Is it up or down from the prior year? Why would this information be important to investors?

Walmarts net income for the current fiscal year is $27,801 million. Last year net income increased from the following years 2012 net income of $26,558 million. Walmart has had an continuous increase in net income from the year 2009.

YearNet IncomePercentage
2009 22,767100
2010 24,002105
2011 25,542112
2012 26,558117
2013 27,801122

This information important to Walmart investors because most investors invest more to a company earning revenue and growing. Invertores do not like to invest in a company tha is not profiting.

What is the ending balance in stockholders’ equity? Why would a labor union potentially be interested in this information?

Walmart’s ending balance in stockholders’ equity is $76,343 million.
YearStockholder’s Equity
2011 68,542
2012 71,315
2013 76,343

Labor union’s potentially are interested in this information because he or she is most interested in the company’s financial statements, precisely net income, and stockholder’s equity to evaluate the security the employee wages and increase in wages.

What is the total value of assets? Why would this information be important to a potential creditor?

Walmart’s total value of assetsfor 2013 are $203,105 million, which which is continuously increasing.
YearTotal Assets
2010 170,407
2011 180,782
2012 193,406
2013 203,105
This is important to a potential creditor because it signals of financial strength.

What is the total cash flow from operation?

The total cash flow from operation is $25,591 million which is an increase from $24,255 in 2012.

What financial statement user would find this information most important?

Management – the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash flows. Creditor – Current ratio and quick ratio.
Shareholder – EPS and Dividends per share.
Investor – Debt-equity ratio.

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