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Introduction of TOPIC

“ The only thing constant in the world is change’’
-Francois de la rochefoucauld

According to sociologists social change refers to the fundamental alterations that occur over a period of time in patterns of culture, structure and social behaviour. Most of these changes take place in small increments over a long period of time and pass unnoticed. Social change can also take palce in the wake of natural disasters, war, collective behaviour or social revolution.

Theories of social change

There are several theories of social change like Herbert Spencer’s theory of Social evolution, Cyclical theories according to Oswald Spengler, Conflict theories of Karl Marx and Functionalist theories. The functionalist see society as a group living in a state of dynamic equilibrium. Disturbing forces act as challenges. The society adjusts to these disturbances by establishing a new level of equilibrium or in simple words it changes according to the need. Changes which prove to be useful (functional) are accepted and integrated and those proving useless are (dysfunctional) are rejected. According to William. F. Ogburn Discovery,Innovation,and Diffusion are processes that contribute to social change. Factors of change can be varied. The Environment affects the way of life in any society.

Swift and dramatic changes in the environment can alter or lead to changes in dynamics of a society. For example the discovery of a natural resource like oil has had a remarkable effects on the societies of the Middle East Nations. Technological de

velopments have also been major propellers of change in the dynamics of a society. Some sociologists

even consider it as the single most factor of change.

The invention of cars and planes have made travel easy and comfortable. Discovery of communication channels modes, mobile phones and internet have made life quicker. During my grandparent days news of the birth of a baby cousin in one country would be received by those residing in another country in days or even months,today however with the advent of computers, social networking sites like Tweeter, Facebook and ultra fast applications or apps we would not only get the news in a matter of seconds but also get a picture of the newborn or maybe even a video clip of it cooing and gurgling.

There were times when one had to rely on books for information, but not anymore.Along with technology comes accessibility. People today are exposed to a great deal of information, on any topic and any time anywhere. . All you want is just a click away. All your HOW’s, WHY’s, WHEN’s and WHAT’s are answered in a jiffy. The trends in fashion in Paris, Milan can be followed right here. You even have the option of getting that dress you saw your favourite star wear for a recent award ceremony delivered at your doorstep via an online shopping site. Italian cuisine i.e pasta, the Japanese sushi, the American pizza, the Indian curry have all become worldwide. Kids today would prefer breakfast cereals, a glass of orange juice, jam and toast as opposed to the traditional roti. And the society is accepting all of it with open arms.

Changes have occurred not only in the way we eat, dress , travel or live but also in the way we perceive others. A classic example would be women empowerment, earlier a woman was supposed to be confined in the fout walls of her kitchen cooking and tending to the needs of her family. Today the roles of woman have changed. She is not content to be only the homemaker but has ventured into various professions. This has changed the man womanrelationship. She has more say in family matters and descisions taken. Thus,Changes in dynamics of a society may also be with respect to cultural changes for example certain inventions, addition of new words to a language, changing topics of morality and new forms of music , art or dance.

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