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Introduction of TOPIC

Flannery O’ Connor, A good man is hard to find is a family values story which to end this reflection. One might say that O’Connor portrays grace as found in a southern family on a day trip to the country. When the car broke down, an annoying family meets up with some murderers who taken them all into the woods and killed one by one.

             The grandmother, who is really annoying and she wear a beautiful dress so if she was killed she will be recognized as a lady before the killings. In the woods all the family was killed and the grandmother is the last to die. Before she dies she talks to the leader despite her pettiness she sees that he is a human being linked to her and she recognized that the leader was one of her child.

            He killed her mother by shooting her into the chest. Just before her death grace breaks in. O’Conner is a happy ending, because she saw the world as so mired in sin. She did not dare hope for more than this. It was most extreme situations so that they would understand the depth of human limitation and power God has to reach.

             The dysfunction in this story was brokenness in the family. Willing to love the persons around him and having connection with them.  Searching the attention of a families love

and never been given to him.             In the story

of Eveline by James Joyce, a lady is confused of who will she be with her family or with her fiancée. She was balancing it what will be the result of both decisions she makes. Her father was violence with her but her 2 brothers needed her and her loved in her fiancée.

            It was a struggle in her own feelings, what was the right thing to do her family or her fiancée. The dysfunction of this was she is scared for her father and cannot decide because of her responsibility in the house. She never had a communication

with her father after the dead of her mother. It was wreck inside the house and even the relationship between her and her father.      The two stories have no interaction with their family. They don’t have communication and less in attention to the both stories. The relationship was in silence with out telling each others feeling or what they think/opinion in some ways.

            These two stories are reality in this world, some families are broken because of unhappy marriage, busy in work, busy in some things that they haven’t talk to each other, and the most important is that they don’t listen to each others feelings. It‘s really happening that this two stories were happening we may not be that open minded to this issue but it is happening in some reasons.

            The comparisons of the two stories are the problems of both characters that they are lonely, confused and feeling in complete in their families. They are not belonging to the family. The feelings, they are not worth to be in the family or even escape because of the family issues.

            In the end of the two stories the contrast was in O’Connor, he escape the problem in killing of his family with out having a conversation, being open what’s in his feelings. But in the story of Joyce, Eveline was confused and run away from her father but she was frozen that she thinks about the responsibility in her family before herself. Giving the chance to communicate with her father and forget her love one even though it’s painful she sacrifices her own happiness for it.

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