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Food with High Protein Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Written Video Reaction Papers:

On the Course Schedule you will see several fascinating videos that focus on questions we are addressing in the course. For each unit you should choose one of these videos to view. For that video, you will write a formal reaction paper that will be due as listed on the Course Schedule. The assignments system will not accept papers after this period. 1.✓Do use essay form.

2.✓Don’t include extra space between paragraphs — simply hit the return key one time at the end of a paragraph. 3.✓These essays should be formatted as follows:
4. Name and title of video on first line (do not include the name of the course, my name, the date, etc.) 5. two to three pages (2 full pages minimum)
6. double spaced
7. 12 point font

8. 1 inch margins on all four sides (this may require you to manually change the default settings on the Word processing software) 9.✓Don’t forget, you are also learning how to write in this class. Proofread Proofread Proofread! 10.✓Do review the documents on writing in the Student Tips folder of the Resources section prior to beginning your essay. These writings should NOT be summaries of the video, but your reactions about what you saw and heard in it, and may include questions, commentary, assessments, analysis, protests, opinions, or any combination of these. Your Video Reaction Papers must address the answers to the following questions: 1. What are the names of the cultures represented?

2. Whose voice or point of view is on the soundtrack and how does that influence your reaction to the film? 3. Do you think the presence of the camera and film crew may have influenced the actions of the people presented? Why or Why not? 4. Does the film create empathy or disgust? Why or Why not? For whom? 5. What are the important themes of this unit of the course? Be Specific. 6. Does the film fit into these themes? Why or Why not?

7. How did you feel during the viewing of the film and afterward? Again be specific. 8. How is the culture(s) shown in the film similar to your own? How is it different? 9. What is your personal reaction to the culture(s) you viewed in the film? 10. What were the three most important things of substance (real or of practical value or importance) you learned from the film? Be specific. Class Attendance and Participation through Online Waka Discussion Groups Participation on the course website is mandatory in order to simulate a classroom atmosphere and to foster discussion among the group. You are expected to be prepared (having read/viewed ALL of the Unit material) and ready to share your knowledge and experiences. You will be responsible for and tested on the material discussed.

Lack of participation on the course website will drop your grade considerably. Students participate

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Choose a Membership Plan
in Waka Online Discussion Forums in Moodle. You have been assigned to a Waka Discussion Group (this group will automatically open for you when you sign into Moodle).

I have already posted discussion questions for your group to explore. Your task is to write an essay using the questions as a guide to what you need to include. Some of these questions may pertain to the lectures, slideshows, radio programs, films and readings; other questions may require you to look at materials on the web. Never forget that this is part of the assessment for the Unit. As the second part of the Unit Discussion, you must read and respond to a minimum of two of your Waka members’ posts. The requirements here are the same as for the discussion posts and unit content must be referenced and cited throughout. These responses gain you the same number of points as your discussion choice so as much time, effort and detail should go into them as went into your answer. You must complete all Discussion posts by the deadlines as listed on the course schedule. The discussion system will not accept submissions after this period. 1.

1.Here are some general guidelines for discussion groups: 2. Grades are based on participation. I expect you to participate in your group discussion forums for every unit. Answer ALL the questions asked. Also, read and respond to the posts from two of your Waka members. 3. Don’t start a new topic, just reply to the ones already there. Both for answers and responses. 4. Do use essay form and proofread for grammar and spelling. Write an essay using the questions as a guide – Note: very good essays will address all of the discussion points. 5. Do not read your Waka members’ Discussion Choices prior to writing your own. 6. Do include parenthetical citations within the body of the text and a references cited list in alphabetical order by lead author’s last name at the end of your posts. Use the formats you learned in UU114 Writing for Academic Purposes.

7. For content you want mostly facts you learned from the Unit’s materials. Be sure to reference (by name) the websites, the Unit’s lectures & readings and the video you chose to watch for full credit. 8. Include as many references to course material that you need to in order to demonstrate that you read ALL materials and watched one video — and have done your best to understand the material. Some of these references can and should go into your responses. If you have written a post that does not reference course content, you have written a bad post and need to revise it. 9. For the discussion answers — don’t worry if someone else has already answered, simply DO NOT read anyone else’s post prior to completing your own. Each student’s insights should be different since we all think differently. 10. Responses should also contain mostly facts from course content that are referenced by name. Your goal is to expand on their answers as you demonstrate that you understand the Unit materials and have your own ideas (backed up with course content) about what you have learned.

11. You can have opinions but they must be backed up with facts from the Unit materials for why you think that way and/or what you learned by reading this Unit’s materials that led you to that opinion. 12. Quality is more important than quantity. Don’t feel that you have to post 10 or 12 times per unit to get full credit. Make sure you have something to say that is meaningful AND that you have backed up all of your statements with facts you learned from the course materials (cite the material by name). 13. Be polite to each other. It is okay to disagree with someone else’s opinion or interpretation but disagree politely. And remember that people cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or witty when they are reading your posts. Be careful and considerate! 14. You can be removed from your discussion group for inappropriate postings. Demeaning or overly aggressive comments are inappropriate and will not be tolerated. If this happens, your grade for any remaining discussion topics will be a zero (0) and you will not be given the chance to make up these points in an alternate fashion.

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