For Men: 10 Facts Men Hate About Women Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I wrote this article not because I supported men’s opinion and oppose women’s thought. I just want to use this kind of article to give knowledge to both sides, what are the natures of men and women. I’m not enthusiast on the form of stereo typing. I just wrote things that could relate MOST of us, especially to married couples. Enjoy reading!

FOR MEN: 10 Facts Men Hate About Women
By: Jenny Ann Cascante

For men, “Women are…”

1. Always thinks negative. Even you trust each other, she will always think negative about you, your friends, work, family and neighbourhood. She is always jealous and desirous because she wants to have your full attention every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

2. Saying “I’m fine” even they are not: So she stood in front of the television while the basketball game was going on, you got annoyed and now all sorts of issues have been bought up. Then she says it – that passive-aggressive statement that marks the start of the dreaded silent treatment: “I’m fine”. Ladies, if you’re unhappy just outline the problem and then men can sort it out and carry on as normal.

3. Always asking what you are thinking: They take your silence and the faraway look in your eye to assume you are in the midst of some romantic revelry when in fact, your mind has wandered to that difficult level on Halo. This means you have to think of something suitably appropriate before it becomes obvious you were committing the cardina

l sin of “not thinking” about her. Asking what man is thinking is basically a nice way of saying

“You aren’t allowed to have private thoughts, unless they’re about me”.

4. Winning arguments by crying: A woman cries whenever she knows she can’t win. This kind of emotional blackmail drives men go irrational! It’s fine for women to cry if they are genuinely hurt, but using crying as a manipulative tool is damaging to any relationship.

5. Trying to change men: Women have a tendency to take up charity projects and forcibly attempt to change the behaviour of their men. They try their best to make him a better man by pushing him into doing something he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to do. They fail to understand that for two people to be in a relationship it is not necessary for them to be alike. Unlike men, they fail to understand the cliché “Opposites Attract”.

6. Annoying pet names: ‘Jiggily poo, Sweetie pie, Babes, Cupcake, Honey Bee’. These pet names may not be appreciated as she thinks especially when she calls you with these pet names in public.

7. Talking during a film: Instead of watching the movie quietly and understanding the plot, they will ask a million questions. “Do you think he is going to get eaten?” she will ask. “Do you think it will be a happy ending?”; “Oh God! Something horrible is going to happen now. What will they do now?” The only suitable answer for all these annoying questions is that you are not psychic and if she watches the movie quietly she will get all the answers to her questions.

8. The Cleanliness Talk: “A place for everything and everything in its place,” she says. Well, that’s a nice idea, but who has the time? It’s far more fun for men to throw their clothes here and there as if a bomb went off in the closet.

9. Does my behind look too fat in this dress? : She will hover over something for eternity: “This dress or that? Red shoes? Or this blue one?” Men don’t have the patience to wait until she matches every piece of that outfit. And just when it seems to be coming together, they will change their mind and start all over again. 10. Love to make promises: Men don’t make promises if they are not sure that they will ensure it. But women always make promises even they have no assurance that they will do it. “Promise, cross my heart, hope to die!” But after a year, her promise is still a word, not an action.

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