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The use of objects can be very beneficial when trying to demonstrate physical items or use 3D examples. If you are presenting to a larger audience, the objects may be difficult to see for some. Models

The use of models can be very beneficial especially when dealing with models that are correctly scaled for demonstration purposes. Models may not always be scaled to the correct size which can be considered a poor example. Photographs

Photographs can be very beneficial when showing examples or presenting a little humor. Photographs may be difficult to see from different angles and different depths of a room. Drawings
Drawings are easily demonstrated on the spot during a presentation providing quick access to examples. Drawings can be inaccurate and poorly drawn.
Graphs can present data and statistics to a group or audience in a simplified form. Graphs can be made with inaccurate information causing a data and statistics to be incorrectly presented. Charts

Charts are great and very beneficial because they simplify complex data and present it in a readable form. Charts often contain too much information, making the chart confusing and difficult to understand. Transparencies

Transparencies are old but beneficial. They can be used for smaller audiences on an old projector that allows live drawing on printed images. Transparencies can be difficult to see from a distance and the projector can provide loud fan noise making the speaker difficult to hear. Video

Videos are great and beneficial because they provide moving images as great visual aids. Videos are similar to Television and people tend to become passive when viewing videos and will not always pay attention. Multimedia Presentation

Incorporate drawings, photographs, video segments, animation, and sound into your visual aids, along with charts, graphs, and text can be beneficial. Multimedia Presentations can often cause distractions to the viewers and audience instead f focusing on the presenter. Speaker

Speakers are beneficial because they often add voice and personality to a presentation. Poor speakers can often make undeniable mistakes during a presentation that may make or break that speeches purpose.

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