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Performing business research involves the study of various data, enabling managers to read and interpret the behavior of the business they control. Business research can also involve assessing an organizations market, measuring financial and production performances. This paper will illustrate an outline of a fictitious company, including one independent variable and one dependent variable. In addition, this outline will consist of a hypothesis question regarding the potential growth of the company. Fictitious Company

Stark Industries is an information technology (IT) company, specializing in computer software solutions, consulting, and training. Stark Industries mostly caters to the defense industry with its biggest client being the United States Navy. The company is headquartered in San Diego, Ca, and a second location in Norfolk, VA. Stark Industries employs over 150 IT professionals with various backgrounds in computer science and technology. Scenario

Since the recession and the ongoing recovery of the government’s 2012 sequestration, Stark Industries is ready to take on another region of the military’s market segments. Upon making these decisions, Steve Hilgemann the CEO is somewhat skeptical about expanding the company’s potential in the 7th Fleet, also known as Japan. The 7th Fleet is known as the largest naval installation outside of the United States. Because the installation is in a foreign country, the military’s resources are limited. Hypothesis

Based on the success of the company’s competitors, Can Stark Industries expand to the 7th Fleet without losing any monetary investments? Problematic Scenario

After a meeting with Stark executives, Mario Billote the company’s CFO, and Correy Wilson the COO has agreed to assess the possibilities of establishing operations in the 7th Fleet. Although good ideas are created, potential road blocks come along with it. There are several scenarios to prepare for, for this type of operation. How fierce is the competition in Japan? Is there room for Stark to establish a large enough clientele to sustain its expansion? How much is Stark Industries willing to invest? Conclusion

The dependent variable is the number of potential clients, and the independent variable is the number of competition already existing in Japan’s 7th Fleet.


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