Fossil Fuel Is Not Forever Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


(i) To be sensitised about the judicious use of energy fossil fuels. (ii) To think and suggest ways of conserving fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels which are one of the basic sources of energy for all our activities are exhaustible. For example, coal, kerosene, and LPG are sources of energy for cooking, heating, burning in our households. Petrol and diesel used for transport and in industry are also derived from fossil fuels. A large fraction of electricity is produced by burning coal. Fuel wood, though renewable, is fast depleting due to excessive use. By judicious use of these resources one can conserve fossil fuels and reduce the cost of living.

1. Visit atleast 10 houses in your neighbourhood and find out the types of fuels used for cooking, heating and boiling of food and water.


2. Also find out the type and condition of the chulha (cooking stove), burner, oven, etc. used for the purpose. 3. Find out the average consumption per month in terms of money. 4. Find out the sources of leakage or wastage of energy, if any. 5. Record your observations. 6. Discuss with members of families as to how consumption of fuels can be reduced.

Project Book in Environmental Education


There is finite a a m fossil fu ount of Follow-up el foun d Earth . In term on s 1. Suggest steps to reduce the consumption of electricity or other fuels years o els f produ of in your school (specially where mid-day meal is prepared in the left ction , Oil = school). 45 year Gas = 7 s, 2. Encourage people to use solar water heater and solar cooker. 2 years , Co = 252 years. Th al is means our sup ply of non renewa ble fossil fu els is ve ry limited . Prepare a report.

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